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Permit approved for custom meat processing operation

The Wadena County Board approved a conditional use permit for George and Susan Oberfell to have a custom butcher and meat processing operation on their property in Huntersville Township located in an A-2 mixed agricultural forestry district. The planning commission recommended approval for the CUP based on the following findings of fact:

• The requested use will not create an unreasonable excessive burden on the existing roads or other utilities.

• The requested use is compatible with the surrounding area and will not significantly depreciate nearby properties.

• The structure and the use shall have an appearance that will not have an unreasonable adverse effect on nearby properties since essentially it will be no change.

• The requested use, in the opinion of the planning commission, is reasonably related to the existing land use and environment.

• The requested use is consistent with the Wadena County Land Use Control Ordinance as it is an agricultural use.

• The requested use is not in conflict with the Wadena County Comprehensive Plan.

• The requested use will not create an unreasonably adverse effect because of noise, odor, glare, or general unsightliness for nearby property owners.