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Nite Owl hosts first-ever wing eating contest

Tony Altermatt emerged the winner, eating 13 wings in just three minutes.1 / 2
Photos provided From left, Vinnie Henrich, Deb Marquette, Tom Speed, Robert Kasper and Tony Altermatt dive into their plates of hot and fiery wings.2 / 2

How many hot and spicy chicken wings could you eat in three minutes? If your number is a dozen or fewer, Tony Altermatt has you beat.

The Nite Owl restaurant held a Super Bowl party which included the first-ever Nite Owl Half-Time Hot and Fiery Wing Eating Contest.

By taking down 13 wings, Altermatt took down his competition: Vinnie Henrich, Deb Marquette, Tom Speed and Robert Kasper. He also took home the prize: a free pizza each month for a year.