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Borstad offers in-home, custody attorney services

Dianna Borstad, an attorney who works out of her home in Verndale, is offering custody evaluator services and in-home appointments.

While working for a local law firm, Borstad noticed how difficult it was in a custody dispute to find a custody evaluator in the area to give the attorneys and judge on the case insight into child focused, beneficial, parenting time plans. During preparations to open her own practice, she decided that providing that service herself would be a benefit to the community and put her master's degree in clinical psychology and her previous six years of family therapy to good use. She has since completed the training and is offering custody evaluations as a separate service apart from representing clients.

Child custody evaluations can be requested by a judge, attorney or parent in a family law case where a child's best interests for custody arrangements need to be investigated and identified.

Borstad offers in-home appointments and after business hours.