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Company: No need to come to work, you will get paid

Employees of the Long Prairie Packing Plant won't have to worry about a paycheck during the week of production downtime caused by an expansion at the plant.

"We wanted our employees to be taken care of and to know that we appreciate them," said Bill Wallace, VP of operations for plant owner American Foods Group LLC, in a press release.

The American Foods Group is doing a multi-million dollar expansion and modernization of the 15,000 square foot facility, and expected to have one week of production downtime. In this bad economy, the company decided to pay the employees for the week they won't work.

Long Prairie Packing Company provides 370 jobs in Long Prairie. The company's executives said the current expansion will implement the latest food safety standards, increase productivity by 25 percent, and allow the plant to provide the Kosher meat for the largest Kosher hot dog maker in the world.