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Wadena building starts unexpectedly boom

The granting of 21 land use and zoning permits in Wadena last month is the best economic news Planning and Zoning Director Byron Larson has seen in this town in a while, he said.

"It was a very good May," Larson said.

The city issued more permits in May 2009 than a year ago, he said. There were also $692,000 total dollars for May projects this year compared to just over a million dollars last year, which included the $888,000 Leaf River Ag project.

A significant project this year is the in-fill construction taking place between Tri-County Hospital and the clinic, Larson said.

Two houses were issued permits in May, which makes three houses for the year, he said. One is a Habitat for Humanity home and the other two are private homes. The city issued four permits for homes last year.

However, the city hasn't issued any land use and zoning permits since May 29, Larson said.

"In June I have not written a single permit," he said. "Everybody stopped spending."