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June 6 Police Scanner

May 28

• A man complained about 40-50 bags of garbage left on his property and some adjoining property.

May 29

• A police officer gave a driver a verbal warning about a rusted-out exhaust and a popcorn container sitting in the road. The driver was told to pick the items up or face a citation.

• A complainant asked to speak with an officer regarding his father who he alleged followed a bus and scared the complainant’s daughter. After a review, the officer and the county attorney’s office determined the incident was not yet a violation.

• A trailer house was full of smoke and there was a smell like something burning. It was determined the renter was trying to burn garbage in his wood stove.

May 30

• A complainant alleged a man was going door-to-door telling people he was trying to earn money for a contest in public speaking. The man was holding a brochure and what appeared to be a black-colored wallet.The complainant also alleged the man indicated he had watched her earlier. She said that made her uncomfortable and asked for an officer to check the area.

• A man alleged his son called Walmart with a prescription for pain medicine and went to Walmart to pick it up. The man said he did not give his son permission to do so.

• Police received a call about a man who left his dog chained up to a handicap sign in a parking lot and went into a store leaving the dog unattended. The complainant took a picture of the dog and told police she did not feel it was safe to leave the dog alone. The owner was advised of the complaint and said he was perplexed by the complaint.

• Police were notified a female walked to Tri-County Clinic in Wadena and needed to be checked for an assault which had allegedly occurred. The female was badly bruised and was being x-rayed.

May 31

• A tree fell on a power line in Sebeka and started a fire.

• A 13-year-old boy was reported to be harming himself but was not considered suicidal.

• A caller said a passerby noticed a horse east of his residence. The caller checked the area but was unable to locate the horse. It was later learned the owners had retrieved the horse and taken it home.

• A jewelry box was robbed in Staples. Jewelry, cash and a jar full of change was missing.

• A woman alleged someone kicked her door and almost broke it. She reported seeing a neighbor run away from her trailer wearing a light-colored t-shirt. A male ran eastward toward a swamp.

June 1

• A caller reported she heard someone shooting and a woman crying in the direction of a swamp. A search of the area by police did not locate anything.

• Two Wadena deputies responded when an assault was reported in Wadena County. The complainant alleged a woman and a man assaulted people at the residence. When police spoke with the caller she said her sister punched her a couple times but she did not want to press charges.

• A caller reported his ex-wife was camping at a Tree Farm Landing campground. He felt is was odd she went camping because she had never been camping before. He asked for a welfare check on his ex-wife and his daughter.

June 2

• A customer drove away from the pump at Casey’s in Wadena with the nozzle still pumping gas. The pump displayed 32 gallons of gasoline. The customer’s vehicle had a 16-gallon capacity. The pump automatically shut off at $125. Some of the gas ran onto the ground. The business put down absorbent material, The Wadena Fire Department responded, put down absorbent, swept up the material and then flushed the storm drain with water from a pumper truck.

• A 50-year-old woman was stepped on by a horse. The woman was transported to Tri-County Hospital.

• A 12-year-old boy allegedly assaulted his mother and his grandmother before leaving on his bike. An officer spoke with the grandmother, who had custody of the boy, the boy’s biological mother and with the boy when he later returned home.

• Nine bags of garbage were left in a rural ditch. An address was found and an officer made contact with the owners who alleged they paid someone to dispose of their garbage. They were advised where to find their garbage and told to remove it or they would be cited.

June 3

• A police officer spoke with a woman who alleged her brother threw a frying pan at her vehicle. The woman added she did not want her brother at her place anymore. She was advised to file for an Order for Protection or a Harassment Restraining Order.

• A dead deer was located on the lawn at the AmericInn on North Jefferson in Wadena.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.