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June 1 Police Scanner

May 20

The sister of a nine-year-old boy alleged he tried to kill himself by wrapping a wire around his neck. The boy’s mother reported he was conscious, alert and appeared to be okay. A second call alerted police that the boy had left on foot after saying he intended to run away.

May 21

A caller reported a loud noise coming from the apartment next to his at Humphrey Manor West. An officer spoke with the complainant who claimed to hear the noise again while the officer was in the room. The officer could not detect any sound.

A woman asked for a welfare check on seven and 10-year-old boys. The woman alleged a court order prohibited the children from being left alone in the evenings. The woman also alleged the children were frequently left alone. A Wadena County deputy investigated and found two juvenile males in the house. They said their father left a few minutes prior to the deputies’ arrival to pick up his girlfriend. The deputy spoke with the girlfriend on a phone left by the father and found they were on the way home. The officer reported the boys were well and were with their father.

May 23

Police were informed a motorcyclist and a deer collided on County Road 100 and the motorcyclist was being brought into Tri-County Hospital for treatment.

A woman called to inform police that a man she had an Order for Protection (OFP) against allegedly contacted her twice by phone. An officer tried to speak with the woman but she became upset, slammed the door in his face and continued to scream at him through the door despite his attempts to question her further.

A complaint was made about a driver who appeared to be texting while driving and was swerving all over the road.

May 24

Police were alerted when a 4-5 year-old girl from the neighborhood wandered into a woman’s yard and knocked at her door. The caller kept the girl with her for about 20 minutes but called police when the mother did not appear. Police asked the caller to walk over to the girl’s residence and check to see if anyone was home. The mother was home and the child was returned safely.

Suspicions were aroused when a man allegedly came to a woman’s door and asked her where the parties were. The woman also alleged the man wanted to remain at her place. The woman said she was having problems with her significant other and the man’s presence escalated the situation. She was advised to lock her door and use the peep hole to identify visitors.

May 25

A complainant alleged he found three men sitting in his vehicle. The men fled in a gray four-door sedan. The police were provided with a license plate number by the complainant who chased the men for three blocks before they escaped. An officer investigated and was told the three men were going through the center console when they were discovered. The owner reported nothing appeared to be missing.

A red ATV was reportedly driving around in Wadena all day and going up and down Jefferson Street. The rider turned out to be a 15-year-old boy who had not taken Department of Natural Resources ATV safety training. The officer explained the ATV rules to the boy and his mother.

A man alleged being assaulted by his girlfriend. When police checked with the state of Minnesota for information they found the complainant had an active warrant out for his arrest from Todd County. He was arrested and was transferred to the custody of a Todd County deputy.

A request was made by Otter Tail County for assistance from Wadena’s K-9 unit in locating two men who fled into the woods after being caught carrying a safe out of a residence. The dog followed the trail to an area where it appeared an ATV was waiting for the burglars.

A complainant reported and man and woman living at his residence and babysitting his kids had been spanking his four-year-old and caused some bruising. The complainant ejected the couple from his house.

A caller reported her husband came across a vehicle in the ditch and tried to pull the vehicle back on the road. During this attempt the vehicles collided. An officer investigated and found no signs of impairment in the driver who had gone into the ditch.

Several birdfeeders in the yard of a Wadena County resident drew the attention of a black bear. The bear was still on the premises when the officer arrived. The homeowner was assured the bear was after an easy meal and not after her. The bird feeders were removed and stored in a shed.

May 26

An intoxicated, out-of-control suspect was arrested for throwing his sister across the room while at a dance in the Wadena Elks Lodge.

A caller felt it was suspicious when she noticed a man taking photos of every head stone at the cemetery in Wadena. The police were provided with a license plate number but the vehicle was gone before an officer arrived.

A complainant alleged that when a female attempted to leave a graduation party four people held her down and then chased the complainant and her family off the property.

May 28

Police were informed a man in a wheel chair was trying to navigate oncoming traffic in front of Casey’s. The man was contacted and said he did not want to be treated by Tri-County Hospital. He also told the officer he had contacted his wife and wished to return to his home in Bertha.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.