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May 25 Police Scanner

May 13

• A physical altercation at Bell Hill Recovery Center led to a charge of assault by the Wadena County Sheriff’s office against one of the two men involved. The men were separated by a staff member.

• A red Dodge pickup was reported to be tearing around the Huntersville Outpost parking lot. When confronted by an employee, the driver left at a high rate of speed and sprayed gravel everywhere. The vehicle and driver were later located by the Menahga police who arrested the driver for possible DWI charge.

• Two black bears were reported to be in a person’s yard in Wadena County. The call went to Todd County which notified Wadena County and the Staples police. The Staples police and a conservation officer handled the call.

May 14

• A Wadena residence was egged during the night. The officer who investigated was told by a woman her boys were having problems with other boys at school and on the school bus. She was advised to contact the school.

• The owner of a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville found potatoes stuffed into the car’s tailpipes.

The complainant later told an officer she suspected her uncle might be responsible.

• A complainant alleged someone has drained the oil from his Suburban. He also found metal shavings in his oil.

May 15

• A caller asked for extra patrol at his rental unit because it was graduation night at the Central Lakes College in Staples and he suspected a party would be held at his rental unit. He asked such a gathering be disbursed. The caller also said he informed the Staples police.

• A red truck pulling a trailer tried to beat the train on Highway 10 west of Wadena and broke off a railroad crossing stop arm.

May 16

• An employee of the White Earth Social Service department requested a deputy go to an address in Wadena County and check to see if a man was there. The man took a child out of foster care without a court order and his whereabouts were unknown. A deputy went to the address, located the child there and was told by a woman the man had been in St. Paul two days earlier.

• A caller reported a lot of screaming and yelling going on at a Wadena County residence. The matter involved a gun which a woman allegedly appropriated from a man. Two deputies investigated the incident but did not make any arrests. A report was forwarded to the county attorney for review.

• A caller alleged that a man she knew stopped at her home and began yelling at her. She felt threatened so she left and called her social services worker who advised her to call law enforcement.

• A Wadena trailer home was burglarized and the resident reported jewelry and prescription drugs were missing.

• A complaint was made against a young male in a parked in the intersection of Colfax and Second Street Southwest in Wadena where he was speaking to a pair of kids on bicycles. When the complainant told him to move he allegedly refused and told her to go around his vehicle. The man was gone when police arrived.

May 17

• A woman asked to speak with a female officer in reference to someone allegedly stalking her.

• A man was reported to be sitting on the Wadena County Courthouse lawn with a bedroll.

• A caller reported two men were sitting in lawn chairs and drinking in the company of two big German Shepherds. The caller said they were not supposed to have big dogs on the property.

May 18

• A man was transported to Tri-County Hospital after he rolled a four-wheeler.

• A woman reported an abandoned snowmobile sitting in her backyard.

May 19

• A complainant reported having an argument with another man over property. The complainant alleged the man was refusing to leave and some threats had been made. He asked to see a deputy. The problem turned out to be a civil issue over an electric bill.

• The complainant was advised of the eviction process. The deputy gave the man a ride to Wadena. The complainant asked the deputy to take pictures of some items the man removed.

• Two pit bulls, one black and the other brown, were reported at large in the vicinity of Toby’s Hill. The dogs were pulling a chain and growling at people. The black dog escaped but the brown dog was captured and impounded.

May 20

• A man reported kids were going behind trees on his property and smoking cigarettes.

May 21

• A caller reported a burglary of a large amount of equipment from a storage building in Wadena.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.