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May 18 Police Scanner

May 6

• Police were notified a plane went off the runway at the Staples airport. The pilot lost control of his aircraft while attempting to land and lost power when the prop hit the runway. The plane came to a stop in a field at the end of the runway. There were no injuries.

• The Wadena Sheriff’s Office assisted the Wadena Police Department with a fight call. The person making the report to the police alleged a male wearing an orange shirt and hat was getting beat up by two females. The caller also reported hearing a lot of hollering and screaming.

May 7

• A woman reported her fiancé was supposed to meet someone at Sunnybrook Park in Wadena but she suspected he was walking to a relative’s place in Sebeka. The woman added she had received a text message from her fiancé that worried her and asked police to check on his welfare.

• Damage to some gravestones in the Catholic portion of Calvary Cemetery in Wadena was reported to police. The damage did not appear to be snow or weather-related.

• A complainant notified police reporting her debit card had been used 14 times since Oct. 15, 2012. Thirteen of the times it was used at Domino’s Pizza in St. Peter and once was in Walker. A deputy spoke with the woman and advised her to call the appropriate law enforcement agency and was given numbers to call.

May 8

• A caller reported a child, approximately two years old, was hollering for his mother and banging on the door. A police officer returned the child to his parents. The child had unlocked the door and walked outside.

• A Wadena deputy was sent to a rural residence on a burglary complaint. The deputy was told the back door to a pole barn shed had been broken by someone who had driven a 4x4 truck into the door. No property appeared to be missing from the shed. The owner also noticed a table was moved away from a semi-truck where a lot of expensive property was kept but nothing was missing.

• A woman alleged a used car dealer in Wadena was harassing her about a vehicle she purchased from him.

May 9

• A woman found toddlers near some water at Sunnybrook Park. She put them in her car because she was concerned for their welfare. They told the woman where they lived and she took them there and woke up their father. She returned later and saw the kids near Jim’s Body Shop on Highway 10. She told police she was concerned for their safety.

• A Wadena resident reported his fish house stolen.

• Todd County asked for assistance in stopping a red semi-truck pulling a white grain trailer. A Todd County deputy stopped the semi just east of Verndale. The driver said he had been talking to his wife. There was also a strong crosswind at the time.

• A 19-year-old male allegedly threatened suicide. A police officer spoke with him and he admitted his actions but told the officer he was just angry and never intended to commit suicide.

• A caller asked to speak with a deputy in regard to her deaf mother and father fighting. A deputy spoke with the caller who was concerned about text messages from her mother. The caller said she would speak to her mother again and everything was okay.

May 10

• A woman alleged being watched by another woman and felt it was a violation of a harassment restraining order (HRO).

• A caller reported the biological mother of a foster child made direct contact with the child while the foster mother was away. A court order directed no contact except letters. The biological mother was advised there was to be no contact.

• A man violated a harassment restraining order and Wadena and Cass County deputies cooperated on an attempt to arrest him at his residence in Cass County. The violation was the man’s third or fourth in the previous week. The man was not at home when the police arrived.

May 12

• A caller alleged he witnessed a woman removing a catalog from his mailbox after she delivered a newspaper.

• A woman asked police to come to a Wadena address alleging a man was causing trouble. When asked what the man was doing the woman said he was drunk. The woman refused to provide the police with any further information and hung up.

May 13

• A caller reported suspicious activity at a residence across the road from his home. The man alleged another man ran up to his vehicle waving his arms. He did not feel comfortable with the situation so left the area. The suspect and his vehicle had left the area by the time police arrived. The caller was unable to provide a vehicle description.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.