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May 4 Police Scanner

April 22

A small, white dog was reported to be terrorizing the community and tearing the siding off a woman’s house.

A Sebeka caller asked for police assistance in dealing with a boyfriend who she alleged was following her around town. After two police officers responded, the female left her residence for the night.

April 23

A complaint was made against a man for erratic driving and tapping his brakes. The man told an officer driving made him very nervous and added he had spent a long day at work. The officer did not feel man was impaired.

A man who is allegedly obsessed with an employee at a Wadena business place was reported for harassment. Police advised the employees to pursue a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

A woman reported someone was allegedly beating up her 32-year-old son.

April 24

A woman asked for police assistance in removing her brother from her apartment. When police arrived they found the brother standing on the corner of Third Street and Howard Avenue. The complainant was on the phone with Wadena County Communications.

A Wadena deputy helped the Staples police in restraining a male who was out of control.

A Ruger LCP 380 handgun was found in a road ditch on County Road 30.

A man requested a welfare check on an elderly couple. The man said there was a week’s worth of mail in their mailbox and it was odd no one picked it up. The police contacted Fair Oaks Lodge and were advised the couple has been living there since the fall of 2012.

April 25

Police were notified when a four-year-old girl walked into the Wadena Public Library without an adult. The police found the mother and returned the child.

School officials asked to speak with an officer regarding a girl who brought in pictures of her mother showing injuries from an alleged domestic beating.

A complainant reported being abused but after being told an officer would be coming out to see her she said she did not want to see anyone and asked the police to document the call. After an officer arrived the complainant called back a second time, and said she would not speak to him.

April 26

A Wadena Hardware store reported finding seven hypodermic needles on a door to the building.

Dispatch received a call from a female who alleged she was having an issue with someone else but had been told to hang the phone up. A deputy went to the scene and spoke with the two individuals who asked him to leave after saying nothing was wrong. When the deputy asked why a 911 call was placed the female said he had pocket dialed it. The deputy advised both individuals the accidental calls to 911 and refusing to answer the phone had to stop unless there was a true emergency.

A caller reported strange noises were coming from across the street. The caller alleged the sounds were sirens, followed by a voice on a P.A. system.

April 27

A woman complained a man she knew kept driving by her family residence and harassing her and her family. An officer responded and was told an ongoing family issue had precipitated the feud. The complainant was advised to document the report in case they decided to seek an HRO from the court in the future.

A caller reported a man lying on the city beach in Menahga. The caller alleged the man was not moving but thought someone should check on his welfare. The person on the beach was found to be okay.

A landlord reported two of his tenants, who had been given notice to vacate the residence where they lived, called him to report the smell of gas. Law enforcement and fire department personnel checked the residence and found a small gas leak behind one of the appliances.

April 28

A caller asked for a welfare check on his sister who was a resident at Humphrey Manor. The caller alleged his sister had not returned phone calls for several days. The caller’s wife went to check the residence and did not find the sister. A police officer went to the residence and knocked on the door. The woman answered and the officer reported she was in good health.

A man was reported to be yelling obscenities while sitting on a Wadena city street. An officer investigated and spoke with several individuals the man was directing his obscenities toward. An officer questioned the man who said he was in charge of a drug investigation. His attitude was very defensive and he expressed his dislike for law enforcement.

A caller reported his soon-to-be ex-wife had an Order for Protection (OFP) on him but alleged she was sending text messages to his girlfriend and wanted her to stop. He said he had also received text messages. A deputy spoke with the woman who initially lied about sending text messages but then admitted to it. She told the deputy she was pregnant and needed to know why her husband was leaving her in order to have closure. The deputy informed the woman if the text messages continued she could be charged.