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Police Scanner

April 2

A police officer performing a Predatory Order Registration (POR) call was told by the individual’s mother he was inside but if the officer attempted to enter there would be a fight. She informed the officer her son was staying indoors but added he had not been taking his meds.

April 3

A caller alleged a person sent her a text message in which she threatened to break into her home. The caller said she was returning home and would call again if there were able problems.

A Wadena County deputy rendered assistance in putting an uncooperative and combative male into the Staples Ambulance. An officer stayed on site at the emergency room until the man calmed down.

A man called police to say his wife was choking on a doughnut. She was comfortable while laying down but would begin choking when she sat up.

An inmate asked to speak with a deputy alleging a fellow prisoner had threatened him. A deputy determined no physical altercation took place. A cellmate who witnessed their argument said one mouthed off to the other and was yelled at in return.

April 4

A caller alleged his granddaughter was assaulted at the Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary School and was left with bruises and marks. The caller asked to speak with an officer.

Two dogs were accused of allegedly killing chickens. The complainant said he spoke with the owners but they were not doing anything to keep the dogs at home. A deputy told the owner he was responsible for his dogs. Both parties were told what could happen to the dogs if the problem continued.

April 5

A man asked for police assistance in removing 6-7 men who he alleged were throwing stuff around his residence and wanted to have a party. The man told police he did not know who the men were.

A complaint was received that a juvenile male was making lewd gestures on South Jefferson in Wadena. An officer investigated within a minute of the call but did not spot anyone in the area.

A man alleged his ex-wife took a cell phone he gave to their daughter and refused to give it back. The mother told a police officer the man would get the phone back at a court hearing the man initiated in order to get visitation rights. The mother wished to show a judge the text messages the man was sending to his daughter.

A man reported his mailbox was hit by what he suspected was a high caliber bullet. He gave police a description of a vehicle driving erratically in the area before the incident. The man suspected it could be retaliation by individuals who he previously reported for mailbox damage. A deputy investigated and found one .22 caliber casing on the side of the road about 20 feet from the mailbox.

April 6

A woman alleged a man was sending her harassing text messages and trying to blackmail her.

An anonymous complaint led to deputies locating 10 minors who had been drinking in an outbuilding at a rural residence. The deputies found the home owners present.

A man reported his sister threatened their mother and was in possession of a .45 caliber handgun. An officer spoke with the mother and advised her on what to do. The mother did not wish to press charges at the time.

April 7

An officer was contacted by a complainant about a dog that escaped from her kennel on Second Street Southwest in Wadena. A search for the dog took place and information was posted on Facebook regarding the missing dog. Facebook friends provided the name of a juvenile suspect and the officer met with him. The suspect and his friends led the officer to a residence on 13th Street Southwest where the registered animal was recovered. The dog’s value was estimated at $500.

A woman told police she believed a man carrying a knife followed her to her residence. The complainant alleged the incident was arranged by a woman who made a threat against her.

A woman called police and alleged someone was trying to gain entry to her apartment. When officers arrived they were unable to use the entry system because the complainant was still on the phone with 911. The woman was unable to give physical descriptions but said she heard two voices. She alleged the two people were getting a screw driver so they could take the door off its hinges.

A caller told police she suspected drug activity near her residence. A deputy spoke with the complainant and was told her neighbors had frequent visitors at all times of the day and night. The complainant said she had not seen drugs or drug transaction. The woman provided the deputy with a description of the vehicles belonging to the visitors.

A county deputy assisted the Verndale Police Department in breaking up a verbal domestic. The husband alleged his wife took a swing at him and struck him on the arm.

April 8

A man said his wife was injured when she fell on a paint can while doing pull-ups and suspected she had broken ribs.

A deputy located a runaway 13-year-old boy and returned him to his mother.

A caller alleged he was almost assaulted by four men in a gray truck when they shouted something and threw an item out the window of their vehicle. 

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.