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Former Twins coach to headline TCHC event

Tri-County Healthcare recently announced the headliner for their 14th annual Men’s Night Out: none other than Frank Quilici, player, manager and broadcaster for the Minnesota Twins. Quilici’s legendary career, outlined by a TCHC press release, includes his experience playing as an infielder when the Twins battled the L.A. Dodgers in the 1965 World Series. Soon after he retired from playing, Quilici had a brief stint coaching the Twins before he was moved up to manager in 1972. He served as a radio and TV commentator for the Twins in the 1970s and 80s.

Although Quilici likely could fill up the night just with stories of his time on the baseball diamond (like having Harmon Killebrew as a teammate since the time they both were in the minor leagues), he also has a personal connection to the issue of men’s health. Blood pressure problems eventually forced him to undergo a kidney transplant, but he was still able to crack a joke about it when he related his experience to the PJ.

“I’ll say I threw the old one away and got a new one,” he said.

Quilici was invited to the event by TCHC’s own Dr. Steve Davis, who happens to be both a driving force behind Men’s Night Out and a personal acquaintance of the former Twin through baseball and charity events they have mutually attended. Davis said the upcoming program at TCHC was important for encouraging men to pay attention to their health – something he said guys generally will put on the back burner if left to their own devices.

“Men don’t really go to the clinic much or take care of themselves very well, and this is a good way to get them at least thinking about it,” he said.

The event is scheduled for April 15 from 5-9 pm at Wadena Memorial Auditorium, and is intended for those 18 and older. A variety of free health screenings will be available from 5 to 6:45, including tests for glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Informational booths on men’s health and a complimentary light meal will also be available at that time. From 7-7:45, a panel of medical experts will be available to answer audience questions. At 8 pm, Quilici will take the stage to give a presentation on baseball as well as his journey of recovery following the kidney transplant. He will also be available for an audience Q & A, as well as an autograph session. 

The entire event is free, but space is limited and pre-registration required. Participants can register by calling 218-632-8725 or by emailing