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Help raise funds for the new wellness center

As winter lingers on and opportunities for outside activities remain limited, more than ever people I talk to are wishing we had our new Wellness Center up and running.  When you think about it, there is really quite a lot you can do when the weather is nice.  You can go outside and run, bicycle, play Frisbee golf, or just soak in the sun.  The trouble is, out of 365 days in a year, how many really nice days do we have up here in the north country? - days when it’s not cold, snowy, rainy, windy, or just plain too hot (and buggy!).  The concept of the Wellness Center is to offer exercise and recreational opportunities year round. 

In the winter you have indoor swimming, running, basketball, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, weight lifting, or just plain soaking in a hot tub.  In the summer you have swimming with an outdoor sun deck and sand volleyball pit.  You have the opportunity for jogging and weight lifting in temperature controlled comfort.  If it’s too rainy or windy or buggy outside, you can move the basketball or tennis game inside.  This is really going to be a great opportunity for everyone in the area.

This brings us back to the ever-present issue of money.  We are now less than $300,000 from our goal of $11,000,000.  Some people think the fundraising is already over and we should just get started.  We’re going to get started, but there are still some critical decisions yet to be made.  Do we have enough money for a heated whirlpool?  Can we expand the walking/running track so we do not have to rely on access to the school’s track for a quality running experience?  Do we add more space for an extra basketball court?  These decisions have yet to be decided and they will come down to how much money we raise and how the bids come in.

If you have a passion for a whirlpool, longer running track, or whatever, make those pledges now.  Contact Mike Craig at 631-4096 or Jeff Browne at 631-5261.