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Police Scanner

March 25

  • A man received a call from the mother of his daughter and reported an altercation took place between his daughter and her step-father. The man alleged the girl was thrown out on the floor four times but was not injured. The daughter was ultimately kicked out of the house. An officer spoke with all parties involved and filed a report.

March 26

  • A caller reported smelling smoke and hearing a smoke alarm at a neighbor’s residence. An officer found the man had left pepperoni in a frying pan and was passed out on his couch. The officer opened windows to air out the kitchen.

March 27

  • A complainant alleged a contractor who worked for her had failed to pay the lumber yard and the lumber yard was threatening to foreclose on her house unless she settled the bill.
  • A complainant received a call from a man requesting a marriage certificate for a woman for whom he said he was a caretaker. He said the woman was trying to get a driver’s license but the license bureau would not issue her one because the name on her birth certificate did not match her current name. The complainant was told not to give information over the phone if she was not comfortable with giving it.

May 28

  • A man reported a handgun, last seen in the summer of 2011, was missing out of one of his vehicles. The complainant was unsure if he had the serial number of the gun.
  • An officer checking on a man’s welfare at a Wadena address, found him standing outside in the cold. He was able to talk the man into going inside provided he could go back outside when he wanted to smoke.
  • A woman reported seeing her former son-in-law looking at guns at a Wadena business. The woman told police she was concerned about the safety of her daughter and grandchild who were living at her residence. The woman was advised to obtain an Order for Protection (OFP) and call the police if the man was spotted driving around the residence.
  • A woman reported that a co-worker saw a vehicle hit her car in a parking lot and damage the bumper. An officer investigated and noticed a piece of paper in the window. The paper contained the offender’s insurance information.
  • A woman asked a deputy to remove some old ammunition from her home. The woman’s husband planned to dispose of the ammunition before he died but never got around to it. The woman believed some of the ammunition was from World War II and did not feel safe having it in the house.
  • A woman alleged a white Ford 150 pickup pulling a blue horse trailer pulled in her farmyard and a man was walking around the property. She asked if she could help him and he turned, looked at her and then walked away. She noticed the pickup was at a neighbor’s house. The woman said he wanted to see if the sheriff’s office could locate the man and find out why he had visited her place.
  • The Wadena Sheriff’s office was informed by the Menahga Police Department that a woman was on the phone and was being beaten by a man she knew. The woman said the man was threatening to kill her before the phone went dead. The woman’s exact location was unknown but she was believed to have her seven-year-old son in her company.
  • A man alleged another man threatened to break his neck. A deputy spoke with the man and his sister and advised them to file for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) or an Order for Protection (OFP). The deputy also spoke with the man who allegedly made the threat and advised him not to have any contact with the complainant.

March 29

  • A request was made of the Wadena Police Department to check the Wadena airport for a missing Cessna 152. The aircraft had been en route to Moorhead when it was lost on radar.
  • The Perham Police Department requested help in locating a man at a Wadena address. The resident of the address told an officer the man did not live at that address and added that he believed the man was in St. Cloud with a woman. He provided the officer with a phone number for the woman. The officer called the number and left a message for the man requesting he contact the Perham Police Department.

March 30

  • A woman staying at the Terry Motel in Wadena asked to speak with an officer regarding the staff and the motel’s water. Her complaint about the staff was in reference to alleged drug activity. She was also unhappy the motel had stopped providing her with bottled water. She was advised to contact the Wadena Police Department. She became upset during the conversation and hung up.
  • A deputy on patrol observed a vehicle approaching him from behind at a high rate of speed. The deputy let the vehicle pass him and followed it to County Road 30 where he stopped it after observing the vehicle cross the center line several times. The driver said he was tired and did not have his driver’s license. The name and date of birth he gave proved to be false. The driver was cited for driving after revocation and giving a peace officer false information.

March 31

  • A caller reported an underage party near Bluegrass but did not know the exact location of the party. The caller said he was kicked out by other party goers. An officer spoke with the complainant and did not obtain any information from him. The complainant said he wanted a deputy to sit in the area and either arrest people leaving the party or break it up. The deputy was unable to locate any traffic or indications an underage party was in progress.
  • Assistance was rendered to Staples and Todd County law enforcement officers who were engaged in talking to the suspect in a domestic incident in Staples. The man refused to open a door and allow the officers entry into the residence so they forced the door and handcuffed the suspect.
  • A man reported his mother heard noises outside of her residence on Jefferson Street in Wadena and there were foot tracks leading up to the window of the house. An officer investigated and found two sets of tracks come out of an alley and go behind the house to the north of the residence. The track led along the south side of that house. It appeared the subjects stood by the front of that house for some time before crossing the front yard of the complainant’s mother. One set of tracks led up to the north side of the woman’s residence and it appeared someone had crouched behind a bush. The tracks then led back to the alley.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.