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Property Transfers

Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation, a MN non-profit corporation, hereby conveys to Daniel Pazdernik, a single person, the S 330’ of the W 660’ of the S1/2 NW1/4 SW1/4 of Section 25, Twp. 138, R35.

H. Michael Carr and Alice M. Carr, h&w, hereby convey to James P. Foster and Deborah A. Foster, as jt ten, Lot 1 of Block 1 in Northgate Estates.

Kathryn J. Erickson, a single person, hereby conveys to Michael J. Lillquist, Lot 6, Block 2 in Slover and Anderson’s Addition to Sebeka, and that part of Lot 5, Block 2, Slover and Anderson’s Addition to Sebeka, described as follows: beginning at the NW corner of said Lot 5;                 thence east on and along the north line of said Lot 5, a distance of 5’; thence south on a line parallel            to the west line of said lot 5, a distance of 140’ to the south line thereof; thence west on the south           line of said Lot 5 to the SW corner thereof, thence north on and along the west line of said Lot 5 to the point of beginning and there terminating.

HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee of the Fieldstone Mortgage Investment Trust, Series 2005-3, hereby conveys to Everett Lee Steward, Lot 3 of Block 1, Southbrook.

Clarence H. Horsager and Mary J. Horsager, as trustees of the Trust Agreement of Clarence and Mary Horsager, hereby convey to Brent R. Gjersvig and Nicole L. Strand, h&w as jt ten, that part of the SW1/4 NW1/4 of Section 20, Twp. 136, R35, described as follows: commencing at the NW corner of said SW1/4 NE1/4 and thence east on the north line thereof 900’ to the point of beginning; thence west 900’ along the north line thence to the NW corner thereof, thence south on the west line thence 900’, thence NE in a straight line to the point of beginning; reserving unto grantors an easement allowing for the passing over of an irrigation boom and the spray contained therein along the SE line of described property.

Darrell W. Amling and Christina E. McCarthy, aka Chris E. McCarthy, h&w, hereby convey to Robert L. Weiher and Robert J. Weiher, as jt ten, the NE1/4 NE1/4, Section 33, Twp. 135, R34.