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Police Scanner

March 5

A woman asked if receiving mail addressed to an inmate violated an order for protection (OFP). She requested the inmate’s mail not be sent to her address in the future.

A harassment complaint was made against a man who called Tri-County Health Care 11 times.

A complainant alleged her 11-year-old came home from being with his grandparents with some marks on him. The boy would not say where he got them.

March 6

A complainant said a teacher from Staples High School told him she overheard some 15 to 16-year-old girls talk about going to a party at a Wadena County residence where he is the landlord. He told police only one of his five tenants is 21 years old.

A woman reported she believed she received a fraudulent check from the Internal Revenue Service for taxes. The date and amount were allegedly written in the wrong spots. She was advised to call her tax professional.

A woman alleged her husband threatened to hit her. The pair was later separated.

March 7

A man was reported for leaving a baby unattended in the back seat of his vehicle.

March 8

Police were notified a truck dropped lumber all over the road in the northbound lane of Highway 71.

A woman reported a large pile of pallets on fire behind a building. The fire was controlled.

March 9

A man complained when three horses belonging to a neighbor were found eating his hay.

A man alleged a female living at his residence refused to leave, adding that she was making threats against him.

A man alleged his wife’s vehicle was being blocked as a result of a disagreement. He was advised to seek a harassment restraining order.

March 10

A man informed police he was concerned after not hearing from his brother, who allegedly has a history of drinking problems, for more than a week. The brother was later found.

A complainant alleged two people in a maroon Oldsmobile were driving out of Casey’s parking lot while mixing a drink. A Wadena police officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

March 11

The theft of a 12-foot yellow snow plow wing, valued at $4,000-5,000, was reported. The caller said the highway department left it sitting in a ditch March 10 and a passerby reported it was gone by 7 p.m.

A man alleged his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend backed his pickup up to his house and starting revving the engine of his truck before leaving. The man said no threats were made and no damage was done to the property. The man was advised to have his girlfriend file for an OFP or a harassment restraining order, and she agreed to do so the next day.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.