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Lolita Meyers earns 4th degree black belt

By Becca Huebsch

Special to EOT Illustrated

On August 6, Ms. Lolita Myers, age 66, tested for her Master's degree in Tae Kwon Do, otherwise known as a Fourth Degree Black Belt.

Myers was tested on her form, technique, strength, self control, knowledge, and agility. To pass, she would need to break as many as fifty boards with either her hands or feet, demonstrate her skill with different weapons, and display her ability to defend herself.

Ms. Lolita Myers has taught Tae Kwon Do in Perham for three years. She also runs a Tae Kwon Do school in Wadena. Meyers began studying Tae Kwon Do 14 years ago, at age 52. She currently is a third degree black belt, and once she completes her test will become a fourth degree, or master.

This is indeed a rare accomplishment. Few students achieve this level of a black belt.

When questioned by the Great Grand Masters conducting her test on why she wanted to become a master, she responded that she wanted others to "use [her] example" and inspire them "to move further along the path she has chosen". She also stated that as people get into their more mature years they need to "move it or lose it", whether in Tae Kwon Do, or in another activity.

Myers' test required she break numerous boards, sometimes two boards thick. One of the more dramatic breaks required her to jump in the air and break four boards before her feet touched the ground. She broke two boards with her hands, and two boards with her feet.

Board breaking is common in Tae Kwon Do and is used to test aim, technique and confidence. Board breaking can also test striking power, and the ability to use your body, as a weapon.

During her Master's test she was asked to demonstrate her knowledge of Korean terminology, showing her understanding of Tae Kwon Do's origins. Then she proceeded to present her forms for the Great Grand Masters.

Forms are a series of movements involving kicks, punches, and other stances showing coordination and skill. Myers was also tested on her ability to use weapons such as Bowstaffs, Swords, and a Judko (bamboo sword). To test her speed and control, she was asked to put out a candle by punching over it, then again by kicking and wielding a bowstaff.

Ms. Lolita Meyer's was given the choice of whether or not to have her test open to the public, most people choose not to, but she made the rare decision to have hers open.

By doing this she gave her students the opportunity to witness a test few people ever see, and gave friends and family the opportunity to see what she has worked so hard at for fourteen years.

She has achieved an accomplishment that few have ever attempted. Ms. Lolita Myers is a master in Tae Kwon Do.