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'Cancurables Fair Bear' design contest organized Perham's Kristin Stinar aid cancer research

It's not exactly cotton-candy and mini donut weather, but we're thinking ahead to warm weather and a favorite time of the year-- the State Fair.

The annual Cancurables Fair Bear Design Contest has been set. Each year, the Cancurables Foundation presents a new collectible Fair Bear at the MN State Fair, designed by a Minnesotan.

All of the proceeds from the sale of the bears at the State Fair go directly to cancer research. The Cancurables Foundation is an all-volunteer organization started by Emmy-Award Winning Reporter and News Anchor, Kristin Stinar after her diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2005.

For more information go to the website,

Or feel free to call us at 952-929-CURE (2873)

Cancurables Fair Bear Design Contest Rules and Regulations:

1. Print out the bear outline shown below.

2. Design your own 2007 Fair Bear.

3. Choose a fur color for the bear (single or multiple colors can be used.)

4. Design a bear t-shirt displaying the word "Cancurables" somewhere on it.

5. Choose the colors for the t-shirt.

6. You may want to add a hat, or choose a theme (princess, farmer, sports bear, etc.)

7. The cancer survivor ribbon may be embroidered on a foot or paw if you choose.

8. Designs will be judged by the Cancurables Foundation Board and may be altered.

9. Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address on the back.

10. The winner will be contacted by phone or email.

Send entries to:

Cancurables Foundation

P.O. Box 24451

Minneapolis, MN 55424

Or email to: