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Police Scanner

Feb. 11

• A complainant alleged a landlord offered to reduce a tenant's rent in return for sexual favors. An officer said the victim needed to come forward before charges could be filed.

• A driver complained about harassment from a nearby carload of people who were shining a strobe light and throwing items out of their vehicle. An officer spoke with the driver and passengers about the complaint, but took no other action.

Feb. 12

• A 19-year-old Wadena County resident admitted to leaving messages of a suicidal nature. Two officers contacted her and her father. The woman admitted she made comments over Facebook about hurting herself. She told the officers she was upset at the time, but no longer intended to harm herself. Her father was given a crisis and referral number to call.

• A caller informed police two teenagers were sitting inside his friend's vehicle smoking. The caller asked for extra patrol around the school at lunch time.

Feb. 13

• A woman alleged her 15-year-old son harmed her physically Feb. 10. She said she did not report the incident due to inclement weather. An officer spoke with the boy, and the woman was told to call 911 if any further issues arose.

• A Snap Fitness employee reported a female on the premises who was acting strangely.

• Two kids were reportedly taking turns trying to snowboard behind a car on Seventh Street Southeast in Wadena. The caller gave police a description of the car.

Feb. 14

• Two males were caught stealing wire from Minnesota Valley Irrigation in Wadena. The arresting officers were later informed a third person who was involved in the theft had been located on the property. The officers returned to the scene while a search of the property was carried out.

• A man contacted police asking to speak with a deputy regarding property and a pet that had been left with him approximately three years ago. The man wanted to know what his options were as far as getting rid of the property and the pet.

• A vehicle was allegedly seen swerving in an attempt to hit a dog on Colfax Avenue. Police were given the vehicle's license plate number and location.

Feb. 15

• The landlord of an apartment complex in Wadena informed police that a tenant contacted him about a noise complaint.

Feb. 16

• An officer met a vehicle traveling at 72 mph in a 55-mph speed zone on Highway 10 between Verndale and Wadena. The officer turned around and pursued the vehicle, which he later clocked at 83-mph. The driver, who did not have a license, was cited for speeding.

• A Wadena ambulance was called when an elderly female was short of breath because her oxygen machine was not working. The problem was corrected when a tube for the air purifier was straightened.

• A man was cited for driving after revocation of his license.

Feb. 17

• An open 911 call revealed a man yelling at a woman. When the man noticed the live call, the line went dead. The man fled the scene on a snowmobile, but was located when he became stuck and attempted to escape on foot. He was arrested by a Menahga police officer.

• A 19-year-old man who has a list of medical and mental conditions was reported to be hurting himself.

• A woman found the door of her apartment ajar and said the incident may be related to the fact that she recently broke up with her boyfriend.

Feb. 18

• A mother called to complain that a red Ford truck was driving by her residence very fast and was a danger to her children. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Feb. 19

• A complainant reported being thrown to the ground by a man who had been drinking.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.