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Police Scanner

Feb. 4

• Police assisted on an ambulance call to the residence of a man who allegedly took 32 sleeping pills.

Feb. 5

• Police carried out a search for a black and white shih tzu after the dog ran away from its owner. The dog was later found in good condition near the owner's home.

Feb. 6

• A caller reported finding a man who had hanged himself in his camper near Menahga. The investigating officer did not observe any signs of foul play. The man's uncle was contacted, and he told police he spoke with his nephew the previous Sunday and did not suspect anything was wrong.

Feb. 7

• A complainant reported a chain saw was stolen from his unlocked car. He gave police the name of a suspect.

• A Wadena County deputy assisted Otter Tail County law enforcement after a 40-year-old male allegedly took 60 tablets of lorazepam, a drug used to treat anxiety disorders.

• A caller reported a man on a snowmobile was pulling a child on a sled. The caller believed he was going too fast.

Feb. 8

• A woman reported a man of her acquaintance broke into her residence without taking or breaking anything. She did not see his face because he was dressed in black and the hood of his coat was up.

• A Wadena County man called to ask for police assistance when his child's mother, who lives in St. Paul, allegedly gave the child Tylenol to help with sleep. He also alleged she violated an Order for Protection (OFP).

Feb. 9

• A Ruger .22 automatic and a bag of cartridges were reported stolen at Wadena Elks Lodge.

• Two Wadena County deputies assisted the state patrol with traffic control after a vehicle crash and fire on Highway 10 east of Wadena. No one was injured. Occupants of the burned vehicle were transported to AmericInn in Wadena.

• A Wadena deputy assisted with a female who was allegedly screaming in the middle of the road near the Southside Mini-Mart in Staples.

• A woman reported hearing what she believed to be gunfire from a semi-automatic rifle three different times in the same evening near her residence. An officer patrolled the area, but did not hear anything. The officer spoke with a neighbor who also allegedly heard shots.

Feb. 10

• A snowplow was unable to get around a stranded vehicle at a stop sign on County Road 7 and County Road 26. The driver of the vehicle was not in the vicinity.

• A snowmobiler who was allegedly intoxicated stopped at a Wadena residence and spoke with the homeowner. He said he was heading for the liquor store. An officer was unable to locate the man.

• A man asked police to assist him in removing someone from his apartment.

• It was requested that Wadena police look for a southbound compact pickup traveling too fast on Highway 71. The pickup was hauling a load of furniture. The vehicle allegedly later came close to rear-ending a police squad car, which was following a snowplow truck. The pickup was reported as fishtailing when it passed the officer and the snowplow. The pickup was located at the Holiday Stationstore in Wadena, and a deputy told the driver he would be sending a citation in the mail.

Feb. 11

• A woman called to complain that the snow was pushed onto her driveway, and wished to have it removed.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.