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Living History: Rising prices at pump tough on consumers, merchants

5 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 14, 2008 Pioneer Journal

• In Wadena County, it was Obama and Huckabee

The Feb. 5 Super Tuesday caucus brought impressive crowds to both Republican and DFL meetings.

"The turnout was extremely good," said DeEtta Bilek, chairwoman of the Wadena County GOP. "[There were] a lot of new people that have never been to caucus before."

• Friendly Rider has banner year in 2007

Friendly Rider Transit's fifth year of operation was marked by the addition of a Staples route, the downsizing of several other routes and record numbers of passengers.

"We had a super year in 2007," Transit Coordinator Bob Roggenkamp told the Transit Advisory Committee Feb. 7. "We're setting record after record after record of people that ride this bus."

10 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 20, 2003 Pioneer Journal

• School could face $355,000 or more in cuts in state aid

Wadena-Deer Creek Schools might face $355,000 in cuts because of possible reduction in state aid.

"Almost everybody in the state is facing this," said WDC Business Manager Jerry Anderson at Monday's school board meeting. "This is bad enough, and I hope it doesn't get worse."

• Rising prices at pump tough on consumers, merchants

Wadena residents have been feeling the impact of the sudden rise in gas prices, causing some to be frugal when filling up.

Jeanne Olson of Wadena said she didn't like the recent gas prices, and tries to find cheap gas when she can. On Tuesday gas prices in Wadena were $1.69.

25 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 18, 1988 Pioneer Journal

• Kate Borchers, longtime Deer Creek hotlunch cook, to be honored Saturday on 100th birthday anniversary

Her mind is clear but fingers nimble, and she still enjoys her independence while living alone at Deer Creek Manor.

That spry woman is Sarah Catharine Borchers, better known to her many relatives and friends as "Kate." She will observe her 100th birthday Feb. 24.

• City council, employees begin wage negotiations Friday

Wage negotiations between the Wadena City Council and a seven-person Public Utilities department will start Friday on a timetable agreed upon by the council during the regular session Feb. 10 at the fire hall.

In a half-hour closed caucus for wage talk strategy, following the regular portion of the Feb. 10 meeting, the council set salary talks with the Public Utilities department at 6 p.m. at the fire hall Feb. 17.

40 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 15, 1973 Pioneer Journal

• Four charged in narcotics raid

Wadena Police Chief Richard Hayward reported the arrest of four men Feb. 9, who reportedly had in their possession marijuana at a Wadena home.

Chief Hayward reported he, along with Sergeant O' Connell and police officers Robbins, Woods and Heuer, entered a home at 507 NW Fourth St., Wadena at 10:15 p.m. Friday.

• Survey results show MXC opposition

Results of a survey conducted by the Otter Tail Lake Property Owners Association continue to indicate overwhelming opposition to the Minnesota Experimental City (MXC) concept.

Association President Jim Goetz of Wadena said returns are 47 percent complete and still coming in. The original cut-off date has passed and been extended to Feb. 17.

60 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 26, 1953 Pioneer Journal

• Cost him $20 to go through red light

A new Ford car, trailing another, wound up 170 feet distant from the point of impact when Raymond Crowell's Nash hit it broadside in the intersection of Highways 10 and 71 Monday morning.

The driver apparently did not see the red light set against him and paid $20 in justice court that morning, as a result. All cars sustained major damage.

• Sold six hay balers since Jan. 1

Increasing popularity of baling hay as a labor-saving measure on the farm is evidenced by the fact that the Waterhouse Imp. Co. reports the sale of six balers since the first of the year.

Their New Holland baler represents a compact machine that now sells for somewhat less money, but has several added features, materially increasing its efficiency.