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Future of law library in question

The Wadena County Board of Commissioners heard a plea Tuesday from Judge Sally Ireland Robertson in regards to placement of the county's law library.

"After 13 months of consideration, I am urging you to come to a decision," Robertson said. "We can't wait another year."

Robertson was referring to the need to move the law library out of its current courthouse location, to a place where the public can reach it. The county is required by Minnesota Statutes to have a law library and locate it in a place accessible to the public. For more than 10 years, various judges have tried to get county boards to move the library where it would be in compliance with Minnesota law.

"We are the only courthouse in the Seventh District with no facilities for attorney-client conferences. We need to move forward," Robertson said.

Attorney Jeff Pederson, chair of the Law Library Committee, agreed with Robertson.

"The Law Library needs to be accessible to the public," Pederson said. "If we can't meet the concerns of the state and the court system, the state could say we won't have a regular district court in Wadena County. This would have huge implications."

The board asked the Law Library Committee to meet with the Building Services Committee and report back in a month with the best action to take.