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Living History

5 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Jan. 31, 2008 Pioneer Journal

• American Indian history room is underway

Director Sandi Pratt hopes to complete the Wadena County Historical Society's American Indian room in 2008, she said.

"We'd like to use it for the sesquicentennial," she said.

Work on the room began in July when Ojibwa artist Joyce Jackson Arndt of Verndale painted an American Indian-themed mural around the entrance.

Pratt is making arrangements to have an American Indian specialist from the Minnesota Historical Society construct a replica of a traditional dwelling in the corner of the room. The WCHS board is also looking into attaining grants so they can get another mural in the room and build a campsite in the middle of the room, she said.

• Under the Friday night lights, the fans came out

The Verndale School Board approved a request to forgive a Friday Night Lights committee debt based on football game admissions more than doubling from the year before.

Friday Night Lights committee member Mike Lovelace approached the Verndale School Board on Monday to ask that a $3,769.39 debt be forgiven. That money was still owed to the district for construction related to changing from day to evening games.

10 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 6, 2003 Pioneer Journal

• On to state

The Wadena-Deer Creek One-Act production "Windows in the Smoke" is heading to state competition Feb 13-14. Twenty students competed in the section competition Feb. 1. The group will perform the play one more time for the public at 7:30 p.m. Monday in the Wadena Memorial Auditorium.

• County rescinds engineer pay raise

A motion granting the Wadena County engineer a $5,000 raise was rescinded Tuesday because Wadena County wasn't compliant with regulations from the Department of Employee Relations.

The Wadena County Board of Commissioners voted at its Jan. 23 meeting to give County Engineer Russ Larson a $5,000 raise for 2003. At the commissioners' Jan. 7 meeting, Larson requested that his wage be raised to the average wage for other county engineers in the state.

25 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 4, 1988 Pioneer Journal

• Marlene Ceynar: As a deacon, she is a 'people's minister'

"At all times, a deacon's life and teaching are to show Christ's people that in serving the helpless, they are serving Christ himself."

That is the mission that has been chosen by a local woman, Marlene Ceynar. She is a deacon at St. Helen's Episcopal church in Wadena. Being a deacon is Marlene's way of serving others.

Ordained Oct. 25, 1987, at St. Patrick's church in Bloomington, Marlene's ordination concluded four years of study. She was ordained with eight other individuals. The majority of people ordained at that time were women.

"In the Minnesota Diocese the deacons are now about 50/50 male and female," she noted. "Until 1974, women deacons were unheard of. The Minnesota diocese is very fortunate to have Bishop Robert Anderson (Minneapolis). He makes it so easy for women in our diocese to become deacons. I am so thankful for that."

• City Council reviews plans for combining five offices

Five different Wadena agencies might share new office space if a committee's proposal is approved by the city council.

Wadena's city council at its regular meeting last Wednesday reviewed plans with Public Utilities Superintendent Curt Punt and City Clerk Bruce Brown for a 1,600 square foot addition at 104 N. Jefferson St.

The proposed addition would house offices of the city clerk, besides the Chamber of Commerce, Wadena Development Authority (WDA), Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) and Small Business Assistance.

40 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Jan. 25, 1973 Pioneer Journal

• 8 vehicles crash on fog-shrouded Highway 10 Friday

Heavy fog and frost-slicked highways were perhaps the contributing factors in the multiple-vehicular crashes that occurred early Friday morning on Highway 10 East and the entry to the Farmers Hatchery, according to a member of the Highway Patrol.

Two persons, a man and a woman in separate vehicles, were hospitalized and later released from Wesley when injured in the mishap. The Highway Patrol reported the accident at 7:50 a.m., and it first involved a Chevrolet car driven by Nellie V. Heern, 45, of Wadena when it was struck in the rear by a Remer Express Grainlines truck driven by Peter A. Goertze, 23, of Winnepeg. Both vehicles were traveling in an easterly direction, the Patrol reported.

• Guard unit to sponsor Moon Rock exhibit

Army National Guard Lt. Lanny L. Anderson, commander of the local Guard unit, has announced that they will sponsor the Minnesota National Guard Moon Rock exhibit and be hosts for an open house for the general public.

The time will be from 1-4 p.m. Feb. 4.

The open house display will feature such items as the M113 armored personnel carrier, a 105 mm recoilless rifle, a flame thrower, one each of the unit's small arms weapons, communications equipment and kitchen equipment, in addition to the Moon Rock exhibit.

60 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 12, 1953 Pioneer Journal

• Ward store robbery suspects caught

Two of the three robbery suspects thought to have been involved in the looting of the Ward store in Butler Township recently were apprehended in Las Vegas last week.

Roland Johnson, 22, and Gerald Vestal, 21 were picked up by Las Vegas police, and Otter Tail County authorities were notified. Owen Drown, 23, the third suspect, has not yet been apprehended.

The three boys fled from the Minnesota youth conservation camp last Jan. 31 in a state forestry department truck.

• Missing honey truck found at Sauk Rapids

The truckload of honey reported missing last week was found in Sauk Rapids, parked at a closed filling station. W.C. Wright of Edgerton, Mo., was notified and came to drive back to his home town.

It will be recalled that Mr. Wright was hauling two truckloads of honey, with an employee driving the second truck. The employee and the truck disappeared by the time they reached Wadena, and the authorities were notified.