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Living History: Investigation continues in death of WTI student

5 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Jan. 17, 2008 Pioneer Journal

• Meth use drops off in Wadena County

Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr said the use of methamphetamine in the county has dropped dramatically.

"We've seen a big dip," he said. "Is it still here? Absolutely. But we're just not seeing it as much."

Carr said the decline isn't just in Wadena County.

"It's not just us," he said. "It's nationwide."

• Archery club celebrates 40 years

The members of Mit-Ti-Quab archery club have aimed, released and hit their target in Wadena for four decades. In honor of their 40th anniversary in 2007 members created a club history book celebrating the art of shooting a bow and arrow.

Mit-Ti-Quab's president, Dave Trout, and its secretary/treasurer, Troy Podratz, presented the book to the Wadena County Historical Society Director Sandy Pratt this month. Before parting with their binder, though, the dedicated members took some time discuss their love of archery and the history of the club. State tournaments, bow hunting, parades and league shooting have all been a part of the men's lives for many years.

10 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Jan. 30, 2003 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena County Fair dates set

For the second year, Wadena County Fair will open its gates in August with a new executive director.

Paul Friedrich was hired the first week in January as the executive director for the Wadena County Fair.

• Boy earns junior black belt

For four years Michael Munger took taekwondo one step at a time, advancing up the colored belt ladder until he became a junior black belt.

And not just any junior black belt - or first poom - but the first and only for the Mid-Minnesota Taekwondo School in Wadena, at least so far.

"I knew when I started that I wanted to work my way up," Munger said.

25 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Jan. 28, 1988 Pioneer Journal

• Investigation continues in death of WTI student

The Wadena Police Department in cooperation with the county coroner's office is continuing an investigation into the death of a 29-year-old Wadena Technical Institute student, Dale C. Lahr, formerly of Paynesville, Minnesota.

Deputy County Coroner Tom Speed said Lahr apparently expired at his residence at 1515 South Jefferson, Wadena, early Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, 1988.

"The cause of his death is not known at this time, but foul play is not expected," Speed told the Wadena Pioneer Journal Monday.

• County board hears requests; makes 1988 1.75 percent wage offer

Wadena county recorder Judy Aagard requested permission of the board to hire part-time employee Debbie Murau to fill in for her during the week of Feb. 8-12 when she (Aagard) will attend the Minnesota Association of County Officials (MACO) convention in Saint Paul.

Mrs. Aagard also asked the County Board to allow Mrs. Murau to work four extra hours on Mondays because of the increase in real estate recordings that is occupying her time.

40 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Jan. 25, 1973 Pioneer Journal

• 18-year-olds booked for motor oil theft

Two 18-year-olds were apprehended by the local police for stealing a case of motor oil from the Holiday Station in Wadena early morning, Jan. 20, according to Richard O'Connell of the police department.

The two, Alvin Phillips Hertel and David Allen Wagener, both of Wadena, were booked at the Wadena county jail for petty larceny, according to Sgt. O' Connell.

• In Wadena today

A torchbearer is expected in Wadena about 8:30 a.m. today (Thursday) en route to the St. Paul Winter Carnival. He will travel on Highway 71 and turn to Alexandria on Highway 29 at the Cozy Theatre corner, it has been reported.

60 Years Ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 5, 1953 Pioneer Journal

• Ward's Butler store robbed Saturday a.m.

H.E. Ward, an old time resident of Bluffton, who is now operating a store in Butler Township, Otter Tail County, was the victim of a robbery early last Saturday morning and was relieved of $500 in cash, his new automobile and a quantity of merchandise. A block of wood hurled through the glass awakened him at about five o'clock and as he came down to investigate he was confronted by three men helping themselves to merchandise.

"If you don't want to get hurt, get back into the back room and keep quiet" met with instant compliance on the part of the old gentleman.

Mr. Ward saw no evidence of a gun but with the physical odds against him saw little point in protesting. The robbers seemed to take their time and eventually started off in their pickup truck only to run out of gas about half a mile down the road. Accordingly, they returned and took Mr. Ward's 1952 Nash car, having previously taken the precaution to cut the telephone wires.

• PJ reader for more than 60 years

J.L. Kvamme, janitor at the court house, regretfully cancelled his subscription to the PJ after sixty continuous years. Mr. Kvamme states that he recently sold his home to the Wadena school district and states his address will be somewhat uncertain for a time. He does, however, plan to continue at the court house for a while longer.