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Police Scanner

Jan. 7

• A father alleged his 11-year-old son was kicked out of his mother's residence. The father picked up his son and brought him home. The man wanted to speak with a deputy about the situation.

Jan. 9

• Three occupants of a black two-door Saturn attempted to escape after two of them were observed allegedly shoplifting at Super One Foods. They found themselves blocked by two other vehicles, and were taken to the office of the store manager where they returned the stolen merchandise.

• A woman reported her father saw someone outside his residence. It was reported that he also said his dog scared the intruder off.

• A driver alleged he was driven off Highway 10 by a semi-truck.

• A woman was notified that another woman was allegedly drinking while on probation. The woman resisted arrest, but was taken into custody and was transported to Becker County, where her original offense was reported to have occurred.

Jan. 10

• A convicted felon was reported for being in possession of a firearm.

• A female caller reported sounds of a verbal domestic disturbance in her apartment complex. After police arrived, a male apparently involved in the domestic left for the night.

• Fleet Supply reported the front window of the business was broken sometime after 5 p.m. It was unknown if someone entered the building.

Jan. 11

• A woman asked police to remove an intoxicated male who was being verbally abusive.

• A truck driver requested assistance from police in turning his vehicle around at a rural Wadena County location, due to road conditions.

• A patron at the Sebeka Liquor Store was allegedly asked to leave three times after fighting with another customer and verbally abusing a bartender. Neither the customer nor the bartender wished to press charges after the man left.

Jan. 12

• A woman was left with a bloody, and possibly broken, nose after a domestic incident. A man left the residence in a white Ford Escort after the alleged confrontation. An officer spoke with the victim and took photographs of her injuries. The woman declined to give a recorded statement.

• A caller reported a man had said he was going to kill someone and burn some buildings. The man allegedly threatened his probation officer, a social worker and law enforcement personnel. When he was located, he admitted to making the comments, and was transported to the emergency room for evaluation. He was later arrested for a probation violation.

Jan. 13

• A woman reported her truck as stolen after a man allegedly failed to return it. Police discovered the man's driver's license is currently revoked.

• Police were notified when a semi-tractor and trailer became disconnected and blocked railroad tracks in Wadena. Burlington Northern was notified about the incident. The truck was removed from the main tracks, and the trailer was later reconnected.

• A caller alleged a visitor threatened her, and she was worried the visitor would be disruptive during and after her court case Jan. 14. No direct threats were made. An officer said law enforcement would be in court and would not give the visitor an opportunity to harass her.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.