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Property Transfers

James C. Carlson and Sandra C. Carlson, h&w, hereby convey to Corbea Farms, Inc., a Minnesota Corporation, the W1/2 of the SW1/4 of Section 18, Twp. 134, R33, except the W 417' of N 417' of S 1,215' thereof, together with an easement for irrigation drift and overspray over the W 417' of N 417' of S 1,215' of W1/2 SW1/4 of Section 18, Twp. 134, R33.

Steve T. Elfstrum and Donna L. Elfstrum, h&w, aka the Elfstrum Family Revocable Trust, hereby convey to Dawn D. Gruette, single, and John J. Schultz, III, single, part of the NW1/4 NW1/4 of Section 5, Twp. 135, R34, described as follows: commencing 400' E from the NW corner of the NW1/4 NW1/4, thence S parallel with the W line 175'; thence E 75'; thence N 175'; thence W 75' to the point of beginning.

AT&T Communications of Midwest, Inc., an Iowa Corporation, quitclaims unto Subcarrier Communications, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation, the E 600' of the W 800' of the S 600' of the SW1/4 SW1/4 of Section 7, Twp. 134, R35, subject to a perpetual easement in favor of the City of Wadena, and accepting an easement of access for communications buildings and maintenance of buildings.