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Police Scanner

Jan. 1

•A woman reported her home was broken into and her boyfriend fended off the intruders.

Jan. 3

• Deputies assisted in the removal of a deceased male near Verndale. The man had allegedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jan. 5

•A vehicle was found on County Road 30 near a Cass County residence. The owner of the vehicle said the car was being driven by his 16-year-old son, who was supposed to be home. The juvenile was later contacted.

•A man asked to speak with an officer about being evicted. The man said he was disabled and living on social security. The landlord said the man owed him $3,800 in rent and electrical bills. It was determined that there was one other name on the lease, but allegedly eight people were living at the residence. The landlord was informed he would need a writ of recovery and order to vacate.

•A Wadena woman called to report an alleged death threat made against her by another woman. The complainant also mentioned a man in the threat.

•A woman was bitten when she approached a yellow Labrador retriever she caught tearing up her garbage bags.

•A caller reported suspicious activity around midnight. A pickup allegedly pulled into her driveway after passing her residence at a slow pace a number of times. She reported that when she flipped on some lights the vehicle fled. The resident supplied police with a description of the pickup.

•A woman called to report the theft of antiques, lamps, dishes and pottery from her garage.

•A Stocking Lake Road resident reported someone stole his tractor. A brush mower was allegedly attached to the tractor. He did not find any tracks.

•A complainant said one of his garage windows was broken but nothing inside was missing. The home had been vacant for two months. He believed whoever broke the window rode an ATV onto his property. He wanted the incident documented.

Jan. 6

•After a complainant reported receiving a text from a random number that said a body was being buried behind Walmart, a police officer contacted the sender, who said the text was meant as a joke.

•A man asked police to remove his girlfriend from his residence, after two fights.

•A woman requested help from a deputy in speaking with an adult male living at her residence. The man, who was the woman's ex-husband, was intoxicated. An officer arranged for the man's son to take him to a friend's house for the night. Officers remained at the scene until the intoxicated man was gone. The complainant was given Crisis Line contact information if she needed further assistance.

•Police were called when an alleged verbal domestic disturbance took place between a stepfather and his stepson.

•Wadena police received a report of possible sexual relations between a juvenile male and female in the city limits of Wadena.

Jan. 7

•A dog allegedly barked and snapped at a woman in a parking lot in Wadena. The former owner of the dog was contacted, and he assisted an officer in catching the dog and taking it to a kennel.

•Wadena County deputies assisted an adult female who was at the Staples Police Department reporting an assault by a man. The woman said she was choked, thrown down a flight of stairs and thrown outside. The woman was accompanied by a 5-year-old. A 4-year-old and 10-month-old were allegedly still at their home.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.