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UPDATE: Wadena faces icy conditions; 2 injuries reported

Fluctuating temperatures have caused dangerously icy conditions around Wadena.

Tom Kines, senior meteorologist for AccuWeather, said Wadena and the surrounding area experienced alternating freezing and regular rain from late afternoon Thursday to Friday morning.

Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr said as of approximately 9:30 a.m. Friday, there had been no motor vehicle or personal injury accidents in the county reported to his office in the past 24 hours. But Friday afternoon, Jilene Fiemeyer, Tri-County Health Care branding/communications specialist, said as of approximately 12:30 p.m., TCHC and the hospital had treated two injuries caused by icy conditions within the past 24 hours. She added that TCHC advises residents to take precautions, including slowing down, wearing adequate footwear and walking carefully.

Carr also advised residents to travel only if absolutely necessary. He said the lack of accidents could be attributed to people exercising caution by staying home. The worst conditions were on side roads and other little-traveled roadways, he said.

According to, Friday's forecast calls for periods of snow, sleet and freezing rain with little to no accumulation and an unseasonably warm 32 degree high.

There will be an inch or two of snow Friday evening through Saturday morning, according to, which also showed that Saturday will see a sharp drop to a high of 5 degrees, with a storm total snowfall of 1-3 inches.