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Police Scanner

Dec. 21

•A caller reported one man threatened another man's life at Assembly of God Church and made a gesture indicating he was carrying a handgun. The man who made the alleged threat left the church in a blue GMC pickup.

•A Wadena police officer saw a red light above the steering wheel of an approaching vehicle. The officer followed the driver but did not see the red light again. The two met at the Southwest Irving intersection, and the officer saw the red light point toward him. The driver was stopped and it was determined he was using an LED headlight system to illuminate the car's instrument panel because the dash lights were out. The driver said he could not afford to repair the problem.

Dec. 22

•An Otter Tail County resident called 911 and was forwarded into Wadena County Dispatch by Otter Tail County Dispatch. The woman said she was transporting her husband from their rural residence to Wadena because he had cut his leg with a chainsaw and was bleeding severely. They were advised to apply direct pressure to the wound. The woman did not request an ambulance. Wadena police and Tri-County Emergency Room personnel were alerted.

•An elderly couple asked a man to call the police after they allegedly encountered four teenagers yelling obscenities while pulling property out of other yards. The teenagers allegedly threatened the caller, who said he was not concerned. An officer was dispatched but found no one at the site.

•A report was made to police of a 10-year-old who was left asleep inside a locked vehicle while his mother shopped for a Christmas present for him. The vehicle was running.

Dec. 23

•Tri-County Health Care emergency personnel reported having a female patient who said she was raped by her husband.

•A complainant reported being harassed by a man who asked her to have lunch with him and tried to give her a gift, which she declined. The complainant later found the gift on her car when she left work. The man was identified and an officer told him the woman was within her rights to apply for a harassment restraining order (HRO).

•A caller reported being upset by text messages from a number he did not recognize suggesting he should go to a house to smoke drugs.

Dec. 26

•A man picking up rent from a tenant allegedly saw a shotgun, ammunition and possibly an explosive device in a unit. An officer spoke with the complainant and advised him any future action would be a civil issue between landlord and tenant.

•A caller reported a man left his house in Otter Tail County with a gun and was possibly heading for Verndale. An Otter Tail County deputy made contact with the man at his residence but did not find a firearm with him in the vehicle.

Dec. 27

•A woman attempting to drive her vehicle out of a ditch on Southwest Colfax created steam from her motor, which an officer spotted. The driver was cited for driving after cancellation (DAC) and no proof of insurance. The vehicle was towed to John's Car Care.

•A woman reported her son was missing 75 movies, a laptop, two chainsaws and a number of small power tools.

•A woman allegedly thought she was the victim of sexual assault at Friendship Haven.

Dec. 28

•A caller reported high school hockey kids at the AmericInn made threats to someone in the next room. It was unknown where the coaches were staying.

•A woman told police she believed someone entered her apartment and injured her leg. She didn't want an ambulance but asked to see an officer.

•A complainant reported buying two snowmobiles from another man, but was unable to transfer titles as information on a bill of sale because it did not match the items purchased. The complainant was not able to reach the man he bought the snowmobiles from. Police confirmed neither snowmobile was registered to the seller. The complainant was told he might have to take the matter to court if he wanted to return the snowmobiles.

•A 2-year-old girl was bitten by a dog and hospitalized in Park Rapids. An officer met with both the girl's mother and the dog's owner. An animal bite form was filled out.

Dec. 29

•A caller reported seeing two people with a snow plow in a neighboring yard. The caller said no one was supposed to be on the property. Police investigated and found the snowplow had plowed the driveway at the request of a mortgage company that wanted the driveway cleared for the convenience of an appraiser.

•A person who bought a dog on Craigslist said the dog was severely neglected. A deputy was dispatched to check the condition of any other animals the seller had in her home.

•Bell Hill Recovery Center reported they were expecting the arrival of a problematic person. A deputy responded and spoke with the staff, who suspected visitors may be bringing in contraband for clients.

Dec. 30

•An ambulance was dispatched for a 12-year-old girl who hit a tree while sledding.

•A complainant reported a near collision with a pickup that allegedly drove down the middle of the road and ran the stop sign at the intersection of County Roads 9 and 23.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.