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Detroit Lakes police officer resigns, is charged with gun crime

A former Detroit Lakes police officer has been charged with a gun crime.

Mathew Brun, 33, has been charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, a gross misdemeanor.

Brun resigned from the police department Dec. 20, prior to the gun charge being filed by the Hubbard County Attorney's Office, which handled the case for conflict of interest reasons.

The charge stems from an incident that allegedly occurred Aug. 20, the same day Detroit Lakes Police Chief Tim Eggebraaten relieved Brun of his service weapon and placed him on paid administrative leave, following a complaint that was brought in and an initial investigation.

It's not known what that incident involved, but Eggebraaten said it was also referred to the Hubbard County Attorney's Office, which declined to press charges.

The gun charge stems from an incident that was reported about 10:15 p.m. on Aug. 20.

Becker County deputies received a report of a shooting at Brun's residence on the 25000 block of County Road 37, near Shell Lake.

Deputies were told that Brun was firing the gun, was intoxicated, and was talking about suicide, according to court records.

When deputies arrived at the residence, Brun and his pickup truck were gone. While searching the neighborhood, deputies heard gunshots to the west. Eggebraaten was able to make cell phone contact with Brun, who said he would return home, but didn't.

While they were waiting, deputies heard someone yelling, followed by more gunshots and again Brun said he would return to the residence, but did not.

This was followed by more yelling and gunshots, and eventually, he agreed to let law enforcement officers come to him.

The deputies and Eggebraaten approached his truck from behind, with their weapons drawn. They found Brun in the front seat. The driver's side window was shattered and there were bullet holes in the door.

On the floor next to Brun was a Glock 24 .40-caliber handgun and an empty ammunition magazine.

Brun was very intoxicated. Deputies were told that the TV set at his house had been shot by Brun before he left.

Hubbard County Attorney Donovan Dearstyne appointed a special prosecutor to handle the case, as requested by the Becker County Attorney's Office.

The complaint was filed Wednesday, and a summons was issued for Brun to appear at the Becker County Courthouse Jan. 14.

Brun had served with the Detroit Lakes Police Department since July of 2006.