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Krell starts mobile veterinary practice

Dr. Christine (Kluenenberg) Krell shows supplies for her mobile practice, Krell Veterinary Service, on Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Rachelle Klemme

Doctors making house calls may be considered a thing of the past, but in the Wadena area, one animal doctor has started a mobile practice.

Dr. Christine (Kluenenberg) Krell started Krell Veterinary Practice in September, carrying needed supplies in her vehicle's large trunk to do house calls - or farm calls - depending on where the animal lives.

Krell has a mixed practice, meaning she treats both large and small animals.

Krell also works at Town and Country Animal Clinic, a small animal practice where she started in June.

Krell, who lives east of Sebeka, considers her service area to be all over Wadena County, along with nearby towns like Bertha, Hewitt, New York Mills and Perham. She said she tries to refer small animal clients in the northern areas of Wadena County to Town and Country.

Krell said part of the reason for making herself available with a mobile practice is to be able to serve equine clients and other large animal clients.

Some of her services include vaccinations, deworming, animal pregnancy exams and lacerations, and she also intends to move into lameness evaluations, reproductive practices and dentistry. She offers both regular appointments and emergency services.

Krell, who graduated from the University of Missouri this spring with a Doctorate in veterinary medicine, said she had this career in mind for a long time.

"I always had the dream as a little girl, as many vets do," she said.

In college in 2003, the idea intensified when she was working at an Appaloosa show barn when a horse had a sudden illness requiring the attention of a veterinarian. Within 45 minutes of receiving care, the horse was back on its feet.

Krell is a 2002 graduate of Wadena-Deer Creek High School, and she had the late Wadena veterinarian, Dr. Warren Hartman, as a mentor.

"She's a nice young woman," Warren's wife, Carolyn Hartman, said. "She worked with my husband while she was still in school, so I know her quite well... As she settles in, she will be a very successful practitioner."

Jim Hartman, Warren and Carolyn's son, said he knew Christine not only through her externship with Warren, but also as a client of Southbrook Veterinary Hospital.

An externship, Jim said, incorporates more real-world practice than an academic internship.

"Since my father passed away, we need veterinary services ourselves, and Christine has already worked on some of our own animals," Jim said. "She's fully qualified to do what she needs to do."

Krell can be contacted at 218-639-0774.