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Police Scanner

Sept. 4

•A deputy responded to a report of vandalism and found a mailbox damaged by shotgun fire. The deputy was unable to recover any shell casings, and there were no suspects.

Sept. 5

•Police were alerted after a woman, accompanied by another woman, left Lyle's Shoe Store in downtown Wadena without paying for a pair of white shoes.

•A woman reported noise made from gunfire or fireworks and a blue light. The woman spoke with a neighbor who said he was trying to shoot a skunk in his yard.

•A woman's soon-to-be ex-husband dropped off an unwanted bicycle at her residence. The woman yelled at him to take the bike back. The man refused.

•A woman asked to speak with an officer in regards to her husband's purchase of a handgun. The woman told police she did not feel safe with him due to the fact that her husband is allegedly on medication and the couple has a dangerous relationship.

•A Wadena resident called police after hearing gunfire southeast of her apartment at 7:40 p.m. She was advised that the early goose season is in progress. An officer patrolled the area but heard no shooting.

•Police were asked to remove a dog lying in the middle of the road and take it home.

•A complaint of a disturbance was received after seven people were heard fighting over stolen speakers.

Sept. 6

•A white female in blue jeans and a pink top with a blue hoodie was reported to be screaming into a cell phone as she walked on the 500 block of Second Street Northwest. The woman was later identified, and she told an officer she was upset with another woman.

Sept. 7

•A man reported the theft of $20, after a woman whom he had purchased some lottery tickets with at the Holiday gas station, left town with the money they had won.

•A man reported that a deaf, yellow Labrador dog wearing a red and white collar with a tag that read "I love dogs" disappeared from his yard during the night.

•A woman reported the theft of $16 in cash from her home and told police she suspected her ex-boyfriend took the money. Police took photographs of pry marks on a door jam and a boot print near a shed in her yard.

Sept. 8

•The Wadena County Sheriff's Office was notified, after a 90-year-old woman died unexpectedly at Lakewood Care Center.

•A woman was stopped for driving a vehicle after dark with only the parking lights turned on. The driver said she thought turning the headlight switch all the way meant the bright beam would come on. The driver was driving with an instruction permit, and no licensed driver was in the vehicle. The driver also admitted there was no insurance on the vehicle. She was cited for two violations and given a ride home. Her vehicle was towed to John's Car Care.

•A complainant said a 24-year-old man had choked her son and pushed her daughter.

Sept. 9

•A caller reported about 10 people fighting outside the Cedar Crest Apartments.

•Three kids were reported to be climbing a tree in Burlington Northern Park. They were asked to stay out of the tree.

•A woman complained about someone watching her at her home. The complainant found a lawn chair moved up by her bedroom window on two different occasions. During the first intrusion two weeks earlier, the woman believed her husband was in the house and did not report the noise. She was gone at the time of the second intrusion.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.