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Deer Creek City Council updated on baseball field restoration project

The Deer Creek City Council received an update on the Baseball Restoration Project from organizer Diane George, during the regular council meeting Aug. 27.

George, who arrived at the council meeting after a meeting with the Baseball Restoration Project, said plans for the project have been approved by the state. She added that the field will be up to code with plumbing and be handicap accessible

George also presented two bills to the council: one for hauling bleachers and another for work done so far on the roof over the bleachers.

Also during the meeting, George summarized the next steps in the project.

"We're going to get the estimates for the building for the blocks, because the building has to have a block layer," she said, adding that "the roof has to have a wood frame."

George also said the concessions building was separate from the bleachers building. She added that project funding is also working out.

"We should have about $75,000 sitting in our special account," George said.

George said the Baseball Restoration Project received funding from certain groups, including West Central Initiatives and Otto Bremer Foundation. She also said they hope to do some more traditional door-to-door fundraising throughout the winter months.

The Bremer portion of funding has to be used up in a year, and George said the Baseball Restoration Project is working on that right away.

George also said the Baseball Restoration Project wants to make sure they have enough funding before committing to the next phases of the project.

Ross Seelhammer, also speaking on behalf of the project to the council, said it was his understanding that since the city owns the park, the city will handle insurance. The city confirmed it will handle insurance.

After the update, the council approved paying the latest round of two bills for the ballpark.

"You guys are doing an awesome job," Mayor Julie Brunko said.