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Former social worker sentenced for criminal sexual conduct

Former social worker Todd Michael Anderson, 29, of Bluffton, was sentenced for charges of criminal sexual conduct involving two young men he has counseled, according to court sentencing records.

Allegations of furnishing alcohol and drugs to minors as well as performing sexual favors on the boys surrounded the case.

Anderson was convicted Aug. 28 of two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct, labeled as psychotherapy outside of a session, according to court sentencing records. One third degree count was pertaining to the first of Anderson's offenses on May 31, 2011, with one individual, and the other fourth degree count from June 3, 2011, with the other individual, the records added.

Anderson pled guilty to both counts at his final ruling, according to court sentencing records.

Anderson has been sentenced to a concurrent 364 days, in conjunction with both convictions, at the Wadena County Jail with credit for time served of eight days, court sentencing documents said. Anderson is required to work off fees totaling $900 in the Wadena Community Service program and attend sex offender evaluations for an indefinite period of time, the documents added.

He is sentenced under a stay of execution for 15 years, unless he violates any conditions of his sentence, which includes no alcohol or controlled substance use, supplication of a DNA sample, random drug testing, no contact with the victims or their families, registration for predatory offenders and no similar convictions during that time, according to the documented court sentence. If any condition is violated, Anderson faces the possibility of 48 months for one count and a corresponding 24 months for the other charge in the St. Cloud Correctional Facility, court sentence documents said.

Anderson has also been placed under supervised probation for the next 15 years under Wadena County Probation, according to court sentencing records.