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Police Scanner

Aug. 28

• Police helped release a dog locked inside a vehicle for four hours with the windows rolled up.

Aug. 29

• A caller reported she had been fighting on and off with her boyfriend. A woman was living at their residence, but allegedly was not supposed to be there. The landlord told the woman to move out.

• Hubbard County was notified after a suicidal man's residence was located in Park Rapids. The man told a Veterans Crisis Center employee he had a gun with him. The suicidal man had lived in Wadena County and worked as a volunteer fireman at one time. A Wadena County deputy learned the man's name and located his residence by his cell phone number.

• A man threw his wife out of their house, prompting the woman to call police. The man was arrested on a domestic charge.

Aug. 30

• A caller reported she was hearing yelling from a nearby residence. A deputy made contact with a woman at the residence. She said she had been fighting with a man there. The woman added she would be staying with a friend and would not be seeing the man again.

• Pumpkins, melons and Indian corn ears were removed from a man's garden and a compost pile in the alley behind his home. Police were able to locate the juvenile suspects. The produce was also returned.

• Unlicensed solicitors were stopped. The solicitors did not have a state identification card or a driver's license. They did have a Minnesota picture identification. They were advised to obtain the proper permits from Wadena City Hall.

Aug. 31

• A caller complained he was receiving text messages from people trying to get him to buy drugs.

• A man called to report his wife was out of control and needed a police officer's help.

Sept. 2

• A man was cited for littering, when he left a beer can on the hood of a police squad car.

• Two men breaking boards on a curb shortly before 1 a.m. were advised they were creating a disturbance.

• A man noticed wires near an electrical panel were cut. The water meter unit was cut and found lying on the ground. An electrical component was pulled out of the outside wall but was still connected.

Sept. 3

• A female refused to leave a Wadena residence where family members are providing a place for their father. They did not want the woman around their father. The man is recuperating from health problems caused by the woman. She was given a ride to a Jefferson Line staging area and left from there for Fargo.

• A man reported being assaulted by a tall man wearing dark-colored clothing and a baseball cap.

• A woman requested a deputy after a car slowly drove past her residence three times.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.