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WDC School well-received

Photo by Dana Pavek, WDC Schools Community members roam the second floor of the new Wadena-Deer Creek School on Wednesday evening, shortly after an opening ceremony took place in the building's gymnasium.

"!" The adjectives were endless Wednesday night as the public got their first view of the new Wadena-Deer Creek School.

A Dedication Ceremony at 5:30 p.m. kicked off the evening, followed by the public being able to walk freely throughout the new school, as they visited with teachers and staff sporting WDC staff polo shirts. It truly was an evening to remember for WDC staff members, who have worked countless hours preparing for the new school year. It's estimated 2,500 people of all ages walked through the doors Wednesday.

Another day to remember will be Tuesday, the first day of school for WDC. The ribbon-cutting for the new middle/high school as well as the VFW-sponsored flag-raising ceremony will start at around 8:15 a.m. Students will spend the day getting more familiar with their classrooms, schedules, lockers and more.

WDC staff members are thankful to all who attended Wednesday's opening ceremony, and look forward to seeing the final enrollment numbers, which will be released the first week of school.