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Man assaulted with pool stick at local recovery center

An Arden Hills, Minn., man faces a felony count of third degree assault after an altercation at Bell Hill Recovery Center.

According to court records, on Aug. 19 at around 9 p.m., officers were dispatched to the Recovery Center regarding an assault with a pool stick. Tri-County ambulances were dispatched as well.

The victim was male and reportedly was hit over the head with his own pool stick and struck by Nathaniel Louis Spector, 22. The stick was collected for evidence, and blood spots were observed on the floor of the recreation room, court documents said. The alleged victim was transported to Tri-County Hospital for his injuries.

The incident was caught on video. Spector claimed the attack was a dispute over money owed to him. He said the alleged victim threatened him with violence, so he then took the man's pool stick and hit him with it, as well as striking the other man with his fist. Spector was then placed under arrest and transported to Wadena county jail.

The alleged victim's injuries were photographed. Images revealed four medically related staples in his head and bruising on the right side of his face. The security camera video will be forwarded to authorities when made available from Bell Hill.

Spector's initial court appearance is set for Sept. 10.