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Wadena, Saskatchewan celebrates 75th anniversary

PJ file photo One year after having a heart transplant, Wadena High School student Rob Grendahl was back to a normal life, including fishing and sports, in this photo from the Aug. 20, 1987 Wadena Pioneer Journal.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 16, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• Drought loans available for area farmers

Farmers in 56 Minnesota counties, including Wadena, will be eligible for low-interest loans to help recover from this summer's drought, but that type of aid could have little impact in the state.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns on Aug. 7 began his visit to Farmfest, an agricultural trade show in southwest Minnesota, by announcing 24 Minnesota counties were designated federal agriculture disaster areas.

• 'North Point Plaza' is winning name

The strip mall on north Jefferson Street that will include Snap Fitness will be named "North Point Plaza."

It was the winning name in a name-the-mall contest put on by Innovative Developers and Snap Fitness. April Serani and Ryan Damlo submitted the winning name and won a year-long membership to Snap Fitness.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 22, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• West Nile virus found in county

Two horses in Wadena County have been found to have West Nile virus, and authorities are awaiting test results on a dead bird.

Greg Oldakowski, Wadena County Department of Natural Resources conservation officer, has sent in one crow to the state Department of Health in St. Paul but hasn't heard anything back on whether the animal tested positive for the virus. Several birds found dead in the county are suspected of having the virus.

• Amber Alert helps find children

On Aug. 14, radio stations interrupted their programming and TV stations ran text across the bottom of the screen to transmit Minnesota's first child abduction alert warning test.

This alert, called the Amber Alert Plan, is an early warning network that law enforcement can use to alert the general public when a child has been abducted.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 20, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena Mayor Nelson, wife, enjoy sister city celebration

Wadena City Mayor Bruce Nelson and his wife, Mary Ann, were guests of our sister city at Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada, which has a population of nearly 1,600 citizens, during that city's 75th anniversary celebration.

Both Bruce and Mary Ann said it was "an experience of a lifetime." Mayor Nelson said the people were extremely hospitable, so accommodating and willing to go way out of their way to make that visit comfortable.

• From Business Bits by Greg Collins

The Wadena Technical Institute has recently released some pretty impressive news regarding their latest enrollment counts. According to a report given to the School Board by WTI Administrator Lowell Rasmussen, the school is expecting at least 100 more students this year.

Rasmussen told the board his school has 632 students booked for opening day, which compares with 532 students actually attending school in October of last year.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 17, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• Wesley Hospital compares costs

In a recent article released by Minnesota Blue Cross, certain statistics were given about the daily hospital costs in the state of Minnesota.

(12 Months Period Ending June 30, 1972)

Room and board, per day: Minnesota average, $48.88; Wesley Hospital, $38.

Ancillary charges, per day: Minnesota average, $47.57; Wesley Hospital, $29.98.

Total daily charges: Minnesota average, $96.45; Wesley Hospital, $67.98.

Total average bill: Minnesota average, $679.86; Wesley Hospital, $387.48.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Aug. 21, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• How to become a centenarian

There really is no secret in how to live to be a centenarian, is the opinion of Christine Norby, who last Sunday celebrated her 100th birthday at the home of her daughter in Wadena. "You just live good and eat well," is her only advice to those who aspire to become centenarians.

Born in Stoten, Wis. on Aug. 17, 1852, this remarkable lady says she has never missed a meal, has never had a major illness and has never worn glasses.

• Editorial: Time to call a halt

The national debt will soon reach the legal ceiling of $275 billion, and it will be necessary to ask Congress to again raise the roof. Ever since the New Deal came to power in 1933, it has been necessary for Congress to raise the debt limit from time to time. And with each raise, we were assured it would be the last. Like all other promises of that nature, they were not kept. And if Congress again raises the debt limit, it will be just another case of letting down the bars some more.