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Primary elections to be held Aug. 14

Sheldon Monson1 / 6
Ron Noon2 / 6
Les Thorstenson3 / 6
Jim Hofer4 / 6
Ralph Miller5 / 6
Richard Sorgert6 / 6

Wadena area voters will go to the polls for Tuesday's primary elections, deciding which candidates for county, state and federal offices will advance to the Nov. 6 general election.

Rosalie Miller, Wadena County election coordinator, said there is some confusion about the primary election process.

Voters may only vote for one party in the partisan side of the ballot. Choosing from one political party for one office and then choosing from another political party for another will nullify the partisan side of the ballot.

"They can't cross over," Miller said.

Miller said it is a quirk of the laws that sole candidates of a political party who will go on to the general election anyway - for example, U.S. Representative Chip Cravaack - will still appear on the Republican side of the ballot, parallel to the four DFL candidates for whom the primary election does matter.

Judges and commissioners are on the nonpartisan ballot.

In nonpartisan races, the primary election awards the top two of three or more candidates to go on to the general election.

Races for Wadena County Commissioner Districts 1 and 2 each have three candidates vying for two spots in the general election. The person with the lowest number of votes next week will be eliminated from the race. District 4 is up for election, but because incumbent candidate Rodney Bounds and candidate David Schermerhorn are the only two running, they both will automatically go to the general election.

No municipal or school board offices are in the primary, and these offices have later filing and closing dates.

Miller said another source of confusion about primaries is registration. If people are not sure whether or not they are registered, they should call 218-631-7650. Voters who need to register at the polls on the day of the election should bring a current photo ID, and if they do not have their current address on the photo ID, they can bring another proof of residence, such as a utility bill or phone bill.

Miller said the county recently mailed blue cards to households informing people where their nearest polling place is based on residence, and it is not a confirmation of registration.