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July 30

•A woman informed police of an individual living in Menahga who had gotten away with "molesting" people for 30 years. The woman wanted to know what she could do about it. She was told the victims would have to come forward and give a statement.

•A woman reported a blue, flashing light in a swamp. A deputy responded to the call but could not see well because of fog. He believed the light came from an irrigation unit.

July 31

•A 38-year-old woman with a history of mental illness said she wished she was dead. Her father informed police she had neither threatened nor harmed anyone, and there were no weapons in the house. The woman carried a large pocket knife and was refusing to go to the emergency room. Three deputies responded to the call, but the woman was gone when they arrived. The house, outbuildings and a wooded area were searched. The woman was located by telephone and agreed to meet one of the officers on U.S. Highway 71. A crisis worker spoke with the woman at the county jail and made arrangements for her to stay at a motel.

Aug. 1

•Four young adult males were located in the vicinity of First Street and Franklin Avenue after police received a tip they were running around. The four were dressed in dark clothing. They told an officer they were jogging. The officer advised them if anything was found to be wrong in the neighborhood the following morning they would be the first to be contacted.

•An officer requested to view a video of a woman shoplifting items in a Wadena business. The officer immediately recognized the suspect. Statements were made and evidence of the theft was turned over to the police.

•A woman called police to tell them her son had a gun and left in a black Ford Focus. She did not know which direction he was going but she said he owned property by Staples and had a girlfriend in Wadena. Police later located the man at his place of work.

•A complainant reported his cocker spaniel was attacked by a pit bull during an evening walk. The complainant allegedly grabbed the pit bull by the collar to drag it off his dog. The cocker spaniel sustained injuries to its left ear and neck. An officer contacted the owners of the pit bull who were reportedly apologetic and upset and offered to pay the vet's bill. They were informed the dog would be deemed "dangerous" and they told the officer they would be getting rid of the dog.

•Police were called about a problematic patient at Tri-County Hospital. The patient admitted to having a mental illness. A doctor signed a 72-hour hold order on the patient and requested a helicopter to transport him. The patient was staying at a Wadena motel and he was upset because he wanted to retrieve his property before leaving. He later cooperated and left in the helicopter. His wife met him in St. Cloud and later came to Wadena to pick up his property.

Aug. 2

•A theft complaint was given after someone entered the Buckwheat Grower's Association and removed $200-300 from a safe. There were no signs of forced entry. The safe had a hasp and a padlock. The hasp was pried off.

Aug. 3

•A woman called to complain about a van she had seen parked across the street from her residence for a week. An officer checked the van and found a generator running. The owner of the van was working at the new high school. The generator was in operation to keep his two Rottweiler dogs cool while he was working. He was staying at a local motel in the evening.

•Police and fire department personnel responded when lightning struck a residence on South Jefferson

Street. Smoke was visible inside the residence, and was coming from an electric baseboard heater near a doorway. There were no flames or sparks. The house was checked by firemen. Wadena Power and Light personnel were called after it was discovered that several homes in the neighborhood were without power and some city street lights were out.

Aug. 4

•It was reported a man and woman attempted to gain entry into an occupied motel room at the Eastwood Inn at 4 a.m. They were not able to gain complete entry because of a chain lock, and left. The complainant said shortly after, a girl used a key to gain entry, but was once again stopped by the chain lock. The occupants of the room did not complain immediately about the attempted entry. When they did complain, motel management denied anyone else would have a key and refused to take any action. Upon leaving, the complainant reported seeing a motel key across the highway in front of the business. An officer retrieved the key, and went to talk with the site manager. The manager told police they believed the guests wanted their money back for the night's stay.

•A caller said her outside lights were broken and her baby kittens were missing. The caller believed a neighbor took the kittens.

Aug. 5

•A woman reported a man who was stalking her was hiding behind a bush in the alley on North Jefferson Street.

•A complaint of vandalism was made by a woman who found a box of forks stuck in her lawn, toilet paper in her trees and licorice in her driveway.

•A man requested police remove his estranged wife from his home. When an officer arrived, they found the man and woman were arguing about ownership of certain property. The officer advised them it was a civil issue and would have to be handled in court. The woman grabbed some items and left the residence to stay with other family.

•A deputy responded to a report of a fight between a man and a group of women. The man had been struck in the lip. The women were gone when the officer arrived. The man did not know who had struck him.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.