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July 24

•A caller reported being hit in the back with a skateboard.

•One good deed turned into another as a 23-year-old woman, trying to collect a toy for a child, needed rescuing by the police after she crawled out onto a roof and could not get down.

July 25

•A man on medication was reported missing in the woods. The man had his cell phone, but did not answer it. The man was later located west of his residence and was taken to Tri-County Hospital by his father. The man said he believed there was a meth lab in the woods west of his home and he went looking for it. He became disoriented in the woods, but his father found him. The Menahga Fire Department helped bring the lost man out of the woods.

•A concerned citizen called Wadena police to inform them that a pickup and trailer were blocking a roadway near the Rising Phoenix. An officer found two men at the site who were bringing the vehicle to a parking lot across from the Rising Phoenix after the alternator failed.

•A custodian at Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary reported kids had been in the school during the night. A door near the cafeteria entrance on Dayton Avenue was propped open. There was no damage to the building and no missing items. Extra patrols were requested for the evening.

•Someone made off with a $600 Stihl chainsaw belonging to the Wadena County Highway Department. The theft was believed to have taken place sometime in the previous two weeks.

•A complainant said someone came to her door and banged on it. When she asked who was knocking, there was no response. The complainant and her roommate then went outside to investigate and saw someone on a bike riding east on Cedar. They did not have a good look at the person because a street light was out. They thought it appeared to be a grown man. Officers searched the area, but were not able to locate anyone.

July 26

•A Wadena-Deer Creek custodian reported three kids ran out of the school dressed in Wolverine clothing that did not belong to them.

•A wallet containing a large amount of cash was found in the Wadena Super One Foods parking lot. The wallet was turned over to a police officer.

•A caller said she believed her landlord was guilty of breaking her lease by invading her apartment and putting recording devices in the wall. She felt he was listening to her conversations and then slandering her around town.

•A woman said her estranged husband broke into her trailer and curled up on the floor at the end of the bed. The husband was gone when a deputy arrived.

•A woman said her boyfriend hit her and then left on his motorcycle.

July 27

•A man complained a neighbor took his dog in the course of a disagreement. The neighbor later returned the dog.

July 28

•A camper reported some people coming off the Crow Wing River in an extremely intoxicated condition. A male tuber who had continued down the river was missing. The river was searched, and the male tuber was found.

July 29

•A daughter reported her intoxicated father was pushing her mother into a fan.

•A woman called to report a neighbor saw a man sneaking around in her backyard. The woman did not know who the man was but said it had happened before. Police told the woman to have her neighbors call the police immediately if the man returned. The woman asked for extra patrols.

•Wadena County law enforcement assisted the Verndale Police Department in handling a man who was in an unstable condition. The man threatened other people and threatened to commit suicide. He was found to have many loaded weapons around his residence. The man calmed down and agreed to speak with a crisis counselor. The man's family was advised to secure all of the guns in the house and find a safe place to keep them.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.