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July 17

•An assault in progress was reported by a caller in Sebeka. One man had thrown another off a porch. The victim's mouth was bleeding, and the caller believed there was a possibility he had broken ribs. The man carrying out the assault was later arrested by Wadena and Otter Tail County deputies.

•A trick bike was reported stolen. The black and pink 19-inch bike had pegs on the front and back, broken pedals, a rip in the seat and no brakes. It cost $150 when it was purchased four years ago.

•Police received a report from a man who said he was involved in an active assault case. The man said he heard another man, and possibly the victim, were planning to kill him and throw his body into a ditch. He was advised to apply for an HRO and call the police if he required assistance.

•A woman working in Wadena reported the theft of a red backpack containing clothing, numerous medications and $3 in cash. She left the backpack on the ground between two separate apartments.

•A man contacted police to ask for assistance in getting some formula for his baby.

July 18

•A man was reported walking up to homes on Second Street Southwest. When the residents answered their doors, it was apparent he was under the influence.

•A Tri-County ambulance hit a deer at U.S. Highway 71 and County Road 132 and damaged the front fender and grill of the vehicle.

July 19

•A renter reported informing her landlord about an adult male who walked into her apartment the previous evening without knocking. The man is normally dressed in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. The woman believed Human Services should be involved.

•Police attempted to locate a man who cut his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet off two days earlier at a residence in Wadena County. The police did not locate the fugitive at residence. They spoke with the resident, who said the fugitive was aware of the fact he was not welcome in his home.

July 20

•A woman complained about fireworks exploding near her vehicle and camper. An officer investigated, but was unable to locate anyone in the area. The officer then found a residence with smoke coming out one of the windows. The residence was burned in a fire earlier in the year. The Wadena Fire Department was called and extinguished the fire. A closer examination by the officer found a possible source of the fire - "Black Cat" fireworks wrappers - on the sidewalk near the residence.

•A woman reported her 17-year-old son left a bloodied suicide note with a knife stuck through it. She was unable to locate her son and had not seen him for more than two hours. Units responded and conducted a ground search around a building site and checked a wooded area where the missing juvenile had built a fort. A state patrol helicopter was called for and placed on stand-by alert. The juvenile was located under the house, but was able to escape and hide before the house was surrounded. A brother of the missing juvenile later found him in a field west of the residence. A deputy spoke with the juvenile, who is autistic, and found two small scratches on his arm but no other injuries. The juvenile told the deputy he would never try and hurt himself, felt safe at home. Another officer did a follow-up check of the situation the following morning, and the mother reported everything was OK.

July 21

•A caller reported seeing an older man and a younger girl having relations in Sunnybrook Park on several occasions. The caller asked for extra patrols.

•A woman asked to speak with a deputy in reference to her father's behavior and her mother's decision to cancel an OFP she placed against him a day earlier. The woman said her father was in poor health, but she was afraid to leave the residence and care for his animals because she didn't know what his behavior would be like. She was advised to call 911 if she felt threatened. She was told to advise her mother not to make contact with her father until she could make it to Court Administration. The woman later reported speaking with her father on the phone, adding that he was in good spirits.

•An officer assisted a 20-year-old female driver who was operating a vehicle with only one headlight. The woman was upset because she could not locate State Highway 10. The officer guided her to the highway.

•A registered sex offender informed police he would be spending a couple of days with a cousin after being kicked out of his residence. He also informed police he did not have transportation or money for gas. He was advised it was his responsibility to make sure his registration was kept current.

July 22

•A woman reported a suspicious light of unknown origin and requested additional patrol. An officer remained in the area but did not see any lights.

•A passing motorist yelled profanities at a woman working at Memorial Gardens, before turning east onto Highway 29. The woman did not have her cell phone with her at the time and made her report when she returned home an hour later.

•A Wadena County deputy assisted Staples Police in clearing a building where the front door was kicked in and a felony domestic occurred a few days earlier. An adult female and her kids were in a shelter. An adult male had fled the area. No one was found inside the house.

•A woman who had been in a Nimrod bar earlier in the evening believed someone put something in her drink, causing her to black out. The woman's daughter was followed by someone when she gave her mother a ride home, but no one tried to gain entrance to the residence. The man reporting the incident was out of the state at the time and requested a welfare check. A deputy spoke with the man's daughter and wife, but it was not clear if a crime had been committed. The officer gave the possible victim instructions regarding evidence and arranged to check on their safety later in the evening.

July 23

•A complainant reported a neighbor attempted to hit him with a cane and threatened to shoot him. The complainant was uncooperative when asked for personal information and hung up on a deputy twice. The dispute ended when two deputies arrived on the scene.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.