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July 9

•A father informed police his daughter rolled a vehicle after swerving to miss a bear on a road north of Staples. The daughter was transported to Staples in a personal vehicle for medical attention.

July 10

•A complainant told police a child tipped a four-wheeler near the McDonald's Restaurant in Wadena. The caller did not know the extent of the child's injuries, but noted the child got up without assistance.

•Police were informed two men at a gas station in Menahga asked a woman to smell some perfume. The complainant said the perfume was actually Chloroform. The men were contacted and said they were selling perfume and were asking people to smell it in order to sell their product. They showed an officer a trunk full of perfume.

July 12

•A social services employee asked police to be present but out of sight during a meeting with a man and a woman. The man was believed to be making threats toward another person.

•A semi-truck driver stopped in Nimrod to unhook a trailer he was pulling in a church parking lot. A rear tire on the trailer had ignited the bales of hay he was hauling. It appeared 18 bales were burned before the Sebeka Fire Department put the fire out. A woman motorist following the semi noticed the smoking tire, but was unable to alert the truck driver until he noticed the fire himself.

July 13

•A homeless woman with two small children asked to receive extra time at the AmericInn in Wadena. The woman had been living with a person in Deer Creek, but left because the person was using drugs. She was informed the church, which sponsored her two-day stay at the motel, would not extend it. The woman was advised to contact family or friends to get a ride to Minneapolis or have them send her funds.

•A police officer stopped a vehicle with a NASCAR novelty license plate on the front and advised the driver to remove the plate and display it only during a car show. There was a valid Arkansas antique registration on the rear of the vehicle.

•A man became irate when a motel manager informed him they had no open rooms, and started to make threats. The angry man left the premises and was later located near Walmart. The man was polite, but the officer suspected he had a mental illness. He was talking to himself about the Russians taking over all the motels due to the oil companies. The man was identified as being from Florida. The man apologized for his actions, but continued to complain. He told the officer he had money and just wanted a room. He was taken to a different motel and paid cash for his room. The manager of the motel agreed to take him to the bus the following morning.

•A police officer gave a driver a verbal warning after being unable to get a printer in their squad car to work. The officer later discovered the printer's power cord was unplugged.

•A complainant reported being harassed by a man who gave him a dog, then later demanded $75 for the dog. The complainant gave the dog back, but the man continued to demand money. The man, who was driving around Wadena in a van with a woman, said he was a part of the "Beat-Down Posse." The caller said the woman and the man did not possess valid driver's licenses. The complainant was advised his trouble over the dog was a civil matter. The police said they would keep an eye out for the van.

•A woman called the Wadena Police Department from New York Mills after being notified her dogs were running outside her Wadena residence. She was concerned a man she knew was possibly using her residence without her consent and could have let the dogs out. She asked police to remove the man if he was there. A police officer investigated and found the woman's white dog running around in the front yard. He called the complainant and told her to return to Wadena and put her dog back in the house or she would be cited for having a dog at large. The dog appeared to have broken through a screen window in the living room. The dog would not allow officers to approach it.

•A driver entering a 45-mile-per-hour speed zone at a speed of 55 was stopped. The driver said he was slowing down when he was stopped. The officer pointed out he had already passed four signs advising him of the reduced speed limit.

July 14

•A motorcycle driver saw a car strike a young girl as she was crossing Highway 71 inside the city limits of Menahga. He saw the girl check a mailbox and then proceed across Highway 71 without looking for traffic. A southbound vehicle made an evasive turn to avoid the girl, but the witness said he saw the passenger side mirror hit the girl and fly into the air. The victim was airlifted from the scene to North Memorial Hospital in the Twin Cities.

•A caller notified police of a yellow plane spraying his house while flying over a neighbor's property. He contacted the neighbor and found the spray was only water and the pilot was attempting to calibrate the sprayer system.

July 15

•Wadena police received a request for assistance from Otter Tail County Dispatch in handling a male individual who was either highly intoxicated or has a speech impediment.

•Two females in Cottingham Park stopped an officer and informed him of being harassed by two men. They said the men had exhibited almost "stalkerish" behavior. While an officer was speaking to the females, one of the men returned. He was told to leave and not return.

•A man reported his ex-wife was making threats against both himself and their child, saying she would "beat him within an inch of his life." A deputy spoke with the woman, who denied making any threats. She told the deputy she was supposed to meet the complainant to exchange the child - an arrangement set up by an Aitkin County Sheriff's Department deputy. The deputy was contacted, and said he had already informed the woman not to call her ex-husband again. He said there was no agreement via the Aitkin County Sheriff's office for a child exchange. The woman was advised not to contact her ex-husband again, and if she wished to pursue that matter she would have to go to court because it was a civil matter. The complainant was advised not to have any contact with his ex-wife.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.