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Wahpeton man charged after skate park incident

On July 3 at approximately 5 p.m., officers responded to witnesses' report of a male and female having a physical dispute at the Wadena skate park. Prior to the report, a vehicle had been seen driving down 2nd Street when it suddenly stopped on the road to allow a distressed female passenger out.

The female was identified as Kyla Gail Olthoff of Wadena, who was then followed into the skate park by the driver of the vehicle, Justin Michael Lokken, 22. Witnesses said during their argument, Lokken pushed Olthoff to the ground. As she attempted to leave the scene, he continued to pull her arm in his direction.

Wadena police arrived at the scene, and both parties were handcuffed and placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

As officers were moving Lokken's car off the road, they found a device used to crush pills, two tablets (later identified as Hydrocodone, a schedule III controlled substance), and a wad of cash on the center council of the vehicle.

In addition to a full cooler of beer and ice, empty beer cans were also found in the vehicle.

When officers spoke with Lokken, he said his argument with Olthoff never became physical. His eyes were observed to be bloodshot, and he admitted to consuming "a couple beers."

Lokken submitted to a PBT with a result of .062 blood alcohol concentration. Olthoff was also tested and was found to have a .067 BAC.

Authorities questioned how the pair had come to arrive at the park, and Lokken said he drove Olthoff's vehicle. When asked if he knew that all he possessed was a photo ID and not an actual driver's license, Lokken admitted he was fully aware. Lokken was ultimately placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, driving with an open bottle, and not having a valid driver's license.

Later, Olthoff said she and Lokken have been together for around two months, and she had no knowledge of drug use on Lokken's part. Olthoff also denied having any knowledge of the pills found in her vehicle.

Lokken faces four charges, one of which is a felony level possession in accordance with the narcotic nature of the confiscated pills. Three additional misdemeanor charges for disorderly conduct, open bottle, and driving without a valid license are also pending.

Lokken's first court appearance was held July 16.