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Failed stop leads to drug bust

A Wadena man failed to execute a complete stop at an intersection June 5, and is facing three separate charges.

Court documents said that at approximately 1 a.m., officers observed a maroon vehicle approach an intersection in Wadena. The vehicle slowed, but did not make a complete stop before proceeding onto U.S. Highway 10. The vehicle was stopped and three individuals were noted to be in the car.

The driver was identified as Antonio Carlos Enriquez, 33, who was asked for proof of insurance, court records said. Enriquez said he would be receiving a card in the mail shortly, and the paperwork with the information was at his home. When authorities asked what agency he had coverage through, Enriquez pointed in one direction, appeared to be mistaken and then pointed in another direction.

According to court documents, additional officers arrived to assist with a search of the vehicle. Drug paraphernalia and small amounts of marijuana were found on the passengers and within the car. Small particles of marijuana and materials covered in residue were also found throughout the vehicle.

Court records show four previous no-insurance convictions for Enriquez from June and March of 2006, April of 2004, and July of 2003. He now faces another gross misdemeanor charge of no proof of insurance as well as two petty misdemeanors of failure to stop at a stop sign and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Enriquez' first court appearance is scheduled for

July 23.