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Decorating bras for breast cancer research

In the U.S. on January 1, 2009, there were approximately 2,747,459 women alive who had a history of breast cancer.

And the numbers are only growing.

In 2012 alone, it is estimated that 226,000 more women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 39,000 will die from it.

Over the years, millions of lives have been affected by this terrible disease - whether a mother, sister, grandmother or friend - and this is no different in Alexandria.

"Many employees' lives have been touched by cancer and we wanted to help the fight," noted Nichole Roell, graphic designer for the Echo Press.

To combat this battle, the Echo Press has decided to sponsor an event to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer by promoting the beauty and love in such a dreary topic.

"We plan on decorating bras for the fundraiser," Roell noted. "We really wanted to do something that would be remembered - because breast cancer and its victims need to be remembered."

The idea, which was constructed by the Echo Press events committee and has the unanimous support of the staff, is for people in the community to decorate bras to promote breast cancer awareness.

"They can be decorated in any style and with any material they would like to use. Designs may be universal or in honor or memory of a loved one; they can be simple or extravagant," she said. "But they must be G-rated."

Businesses, organizations, teams and individuals are invited and encouraged to participate. Donations are also accepted for those who wish to contribute, but do not necessarily wish to submit an entry.

"Our goal is to aid the community in raising funds for cancer awareness. All proceeds from entries and judging will be donated," she said.

The cost is $10 for each bra and they can be submitted at the Echo Press office at 225 7th Avenue East in Alexandria through Friday, September 17 at 4 p.m.

Entries will be judged on October 4, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, at the Women's Showcase at Broadway Ballroom in Alexandria.

"We hope for a successful turnout and are thankful to all community members who choose to participate," Roell said. "Each dollar we receive will be donated to help the battle against breast cancer."