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July 3

•A man reported seeing what he believed was a possible funnel cloud east of Central Lakes College in Staples.

•A caller asked police to pick up a stray dog at his residence. The small, black Labrador retriever, which could be blind, was given food, water and shelter.

•A caller advised police a man was hitting a woman across the street from the Skate Park in Wadena.

•A complainant said a black Chevrolet Silverado with government plates almost hit their vehicle, while westbound from Wadena on State Highway 10.

•A woman reported a man threatened to come to her home and harm her and her family.

•Upon issuing a warning ticket for a broken tail light, an officer detected the odor of marijuana in the person's vehicle. A search of the vehicle was conducted, but no marijuana was found.

July 4

•A complaint was received about kids trying to destroy playground equipment on Seventh Street in Wadena. An officer spoke with a group at the park and advised them of the complaint. One member of the group assured the officer they were behaving and not abusing the equipment.

•A domestic incident occurred between a mother and daughter over the use of electricity. The mother considered her daughter's use of extra electric plug-ins in the attic where she was staying to be too great. The daughter said she had a room waiting at a Wadena motel, but the mother said her daughter was on probation and was supposed to remain with her. She also told the officer that the daughter had an 18-month-old child, but she was spending a lot of her time sleeping. When the mother could not produce court documents proving her daughter was on probation, she was allowed to go to the motel with her child. The daughter submitted to a breath test and blew a .000.

•A patient at Minnesota Specialty Health System called to tell police his health was unstable, he was hallucinating, hearing voices and wanted to be moved to a different facility.

•A complaint of fireworks going off for two hours brought a police officer to a residence in northwest Wadena. The fireworks enthusiasts were given a warning prior to the complaint and were told to stop on the officer's second visit.

July 5

•A prisoner at the county jail was reported to be out of control. The prisoner ripped blinds off windows, was hitting and punching walls and was trying to hit officers with a blind.

•A caller reported an Amish buggy in the trees. She investigated, but found no horse or people in the vicinity. The caller observed the buggy had been on the site for 1-2 weeks. A deputy investigated and found the buggy was parked on private property.

•A social worker called to tell police a woman was hiding after being threatened by her brother. Officers interviewed the woman, who said she was not in agreement with her brother on how he was dealing with their mother. She did not report her brother for making threats, but said she was afraid of him and asked for transportation. She added she was concerned about her brother's welfare and feared he might harm himself. Officers spoke with the woman's brother and mother. They gave no indication of any problems. The man volunteered to give his sister a ride. Police ended up giving the woman a ride to Wadena, where a friend was set to pick her up.

•A caller said a neighbor was burning garbage in a barrel, but there was fire on the ground and near a fence line. He asked for permission to extinguish the fire before it reached some trees.

•A four-wheeler accident occurred east of Huntersville when the rider turned to avoid a large puddle. The front tire caught and flipped the four-wheeler on top of the rider. The rider did not break any bones, but suffered a large bruise on his side.

July 7

•Todd County requested K9 assistance to handle a man barricaded inside a residence.

•Wadena County officers assisted Otter Tail County to handle a situation where a man was attempting to gain entry into a residence. The man left in a black Chevrolet extended cab truck before officers arrived.

•A deputy stopped to talk with an intoxicated man walking on State Highway 87 west of Menahga. The man said he was walking home. The officer offered him a ride, but a friend showed up and agreed to take the man home.

•A citation was issued to a driver who was traveling at 80 miles an hour in a 60 mile-an-hour speed zone. The driver said he set his cruise control at 60 and believed the new tires recently installed on his vehicle gave him a false speedometer reading. The officer observed it was unlikely the new tires were responsible for a 20 mile-per-hour difference in speed.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.