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Radio star Bobby Benson leads Wadena Kids Day parade

PJ file photo Radio child star Bobby Benson rides past a Coca-Cola ad and Homecrest Furniture for the Wadena Kids Day Parade in this photo from the July 17, 1952 Pioneer Journal.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the July 12, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• 7/07/07 had people rushing to the altar, lottery stand

The trio of sevens that comprised last Saturday's date had local engaged couples and Powerball players wishing on their lucky stars.

Brides and grooms began securing the numerically notable day for their nuptials at least a year in advance.

• Native history

The Wadena County Historical Society is honoring local American Indian history by creating a room for artifacts related to the indigenous people of the area.

The idea for the project is a combined effort of Ojibwe artist Joyce Jackson Arndt of Verndale and WCHS Director Sandi Pratt. Arndt approached Pratt about painting an American Indian-themed mural in the lower level of the museum, Pratt said.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the July 18, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• National Honor Society reinstated

The National Honor Society Chapter at Wadena-Deer Creek high school was reinstated at Monday's school board meeting.

School board members dissolved the chapter in May, saying they were dissatisfied with a committee's progress on making the honor society application process more objective.

• Shady Lane becomes Fair Oaks Lodge

Shady Lane Nursing Home will change its name to Fair Oaks Lodge on Jan. 1 to reflect the metamorphosis of patient care that has taken place there.

The management hopes that changing the name will help change the perception of the nursing home because the function of the nursing home has changed: no longer the end of the line for many patients, but a steppingstone to going home.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the July 14, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• Commercial Hotel renovation to provide housing, historical perspective in Wadena

The Commercial Hotel, downtown Wadena, should be a senior citizens' apartment complex within a year, if progress proceeds smoothly. The site has been approved by the Minnesota Housing Authority, with a few limitations to be ironed out yet.

• From Sports Comments by Lyle Freer

A national publication has done an article on the difference between Chicago Cubs fans and Chicago White Sox fans, and the difference between New York Mets fans and New York Yankees fans. The differences are steeped in tradition, jealousy and maybe downright hatred.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the July 13, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• Quilici new Twins manager

The Minnesota Twins have named Coach Frank Quilici as manager of the club, replacing Bill Rigney.

• From Pioneer District News

Back in 1922 (when your old Corn Columnist was just learning to read and write) a kid would get whopped good and plenty for carving his initials on the woodshed door with a jacknife. Now his grandson can burn down a college administrative building and be rewarded with more educational aids, grants and loans.

Very often a fan letter written by an elderly person has rather good penmanship, spelling and sentence structure. They can confer a thought clearly and concisely through the written medium. On the other hand, letters written by individuals who are the recipients of progressive and modern education can't express a thought with correct spelling or legible handwriting or the use of such interpolations as "you know what I mean?" or "groovy" or "neat."

60 years ago

Excerpts from the July 17, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• Bobby Benson, MBS radio star leads Kid Day parade

Crowds variously estimated as totaling up to 5,000 witnessed a bit of pageantry last Friday afternoon, which precipitated a continuous buzz of chatter and laughter that blended into a sound somewhat suggestive of that of a gigantic swarm of bees.

Repercussions of the Republican convention were much in evidence with boldly lettered placards, "I like Ike," "Win With Taft" and "I like Everybody."

Eleven-year-old Bobby Benson, a rather quiet and shy boy, immediately went into character once he was before the microphone and again proved himself the star of radio and TV for which he has become a celebrity with both old and young.

• Soviet jet planes can reach Wadena in six hours

Wadena's strategic importance in guarding against possible invasion by Russian planes is a matter of serious concern, according to air force officials investigating the situation here Monday. With propeller-type planes from Russia able to reach this area within a period of 8 to 10 hours and jet planes able to do it in lesser time, the war potential takes on an aspect which an apathetic public fails to realize. Wadena centers an important link in the defense setup, and the need for ground observers has reached serious proportions.