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One man, two domestic incidents

One man was involved in two different domestic abuse incidents Sunday.

At approximately 2 a.m., Michael James Ingersoll, 19, of Motley, was seen assaulting his girlfriend in his vehicle as it traveled along Highway 10, according to court records.

The other scene of abuse was at a Wadena residence belonging to Ingersoll's mother, Jacqueline Lee Nelson.

Nelson told officers she and her son were in an argument there earlier, and it escalated into Ingersoll pushing Nelson and her asking him to leave her home, court documents said. Nelson said Ingersoll also threw objects at his girlfriend during the incident and demanded she get into the car with him.

Ingersoll's girlfriend went to the window of Nelson's home to plead for help, but Nelson said the size difference between her and her son was too great for her to do anything.

The girl then entered the vehicle, which, according to a statement given by Ingersoll's girlfriend, was pulled over after Ingersoll "hit her on top of the head a couple times."

Officials later caught Ingersoll and took him into custody for domestic assault.

Ingersoll, who has prior domestic violence-related convictions of delinquency in Todd County from January 2011 and in Crow Wing County from January 2009, now faces two charges of felony domestic assault for each individual involved, according to court documents.

Ingersoll's initial court appearance is set for July 16.