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Deer Creek addresses nuisance ordinance issues

The Deer Creek City Council continued to discuss nuisance issues such as property upkeep and dog problems during the regular meeting Monday.

During his report to the council, New York Mills Police Chief Jim Van Schaick said he gave citations with a court date, and if the people in question can address the issue by the court date, the citation will be dismissed. He said two of the three people are complying.

Schaick also talked to people about having a proper pet license and shot records.

When city clerk Carol Pearson said there are also issues of unsafe parking in the city, council member Dan Hendershot said an alternate place people could park is the wayside rest on State Highway 106.

Later on during the council meeting, Mayor Julie Brunko said the city is paying a lot for police protection from New York Mills, but not receiving good enforcement of nuisance ordinances, and there are still unmowed lawns and abandoned vehicles.